Research Associate

Updated: 3 months ago
Location: Strand, ENGLAND

This role is for a postdoctoral research associate to work within a leading translational eye research group. The postholder will investigate the effect inhibitory extracellular matrix (ECM) molecules present in the diseased retina have on photoreceptor neurite outgrowth. The postholder will use primary photoreceptor cultures to examine neurite outgrowth and and to determine the downstream signalling pathways involved in ECM-mediated changes. In addition the postholder may be required to participate in other projects within the group and will design and execute experiments independently or in collaboration with other group members.

The postholder will have a strong background in cellular neuroscience, especially retinal degeneration and extracellular matrix biology. They will have expertise in primary cell culture, molecular biology and immuno techniques, including western blot and immunoprecipitation. They will be competent in confocal imaging and image analysis and have good working knowledge of flow cytometry. Experience of managing transgenic mouse lines is essential.

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