Postdoctoral Research Associate

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Location: Durham, ENGLAND
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 15 Apr 2023

The Role

A fixed-term full time post-doctoral Research Associate position, ending 31 July 2025, is available at the Department of Psychology at Durham University, UK. The successful candidate will join a research project led by Professor Markus Hausmann. The project aims to understand (neuro)cognitive sex/gender differences within a biopsychosocial approach. Specifically, the project aims to investigate the complex interaction between biological (hormonal) and social factors (gender stereotypes) and how they contribute to sex/gender-specific differences in cognitive performance and strategies. This call is explicitly aimed at researchers with a background in biological, (neuro)cognitive and/or social psychology with a strong interest in interdisciplinary psychological research. The specific project can be adjusted to the methodological expertise of the success! ful candi date but will also likely expand the candidate’s methodological repertoire. The successful candidate will work alongside a collaborative and dynamic team addressing complementary research questions. Methodological experience with saliva diagnostics, programming PC-based experiments and/or one (or more) (neuro)cognitive technique are desirable.


  • To understand and convey material of a specialist or highly technical nature to the team or group of people through presentations and discussions that leads to the presentation of research papers in conferences and publications.
  • To prepare and deliver presentations on research outputs/activities to audiences which may include: research sponsors, academic and non-academic audiences.
  • To publish high quality outputs, including papers for submission to peer reviewed journals and papers for presentation at conferences and workshops under the direction of the Principal Investigator or Grant-holder.
  • To assist with the development of research objectives and proposals.
  • To conduct individual and collaborative research projects under the direction of the Principal Investigator or Grant-holder.
  • To work with the Principal Investigator or Grant-holder and other colleagues in the research group, as appropriate, to identify areas for research, develop new research methods and extend the research portfolio.
  • To deal with problems that may affect the achievement of research objectives and deadlines by discussing with the Principal Investigator or Grant-holder and offering creative or innovative solutions.
  • To liaise with research colleagues and make internal and external contacts to develop knowledge and understanding to form relationships for future research collaboration.
  • To plan and manage own research activity, research resources in collaboration with others and contribute to the planning of research projects.
  • To deliver training in research techniques/approaches to peers, visitors and students as appropriate.
  • To be involved in student supervision, as appropriate, and assist with the assessment of the knowledge of students.
  • To contribute to fostering a collegial and respectful working environment which is inclusive and welcoming and where everyone is treated fairly with dignity and respect.
  • To engage in wider citizenship to support the department and wider discipline.
  • To engage in continuing professional development by participation in the undergraduate or postgraduate teaching programmes or by membership of departmental committees, etc. and by attending relevant training and development courses.

This post is fixed term until 31st July 2025, as the funding is available for this fixed period only.

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