Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Updated: 3 months ago
Location: Strand, ENGLAND

A Research Associate position is available in the Department of Engineering, King's College London to work under the guidance of Prof Jian S Dai in the EPSRC funded project Q-PreMan: Error-propagation Based Geometrical Quality Prediction and Control Strategy for Complex Manufacturing Processes Using Parallel Kinematic Machines.

This project addresses the challenge of error-propagation with regard to parallel kinematic machines in complex manufacturing processes for large-parts machining and assembly based on novel mechanism design and development. The candidate should have strong expertise in the area of mathematics, screw algebra, advanced kinematics, metamorphic mechanisms and reconfigurable mechanisms, complex manufacturing processes, and error analysis. The successful candidate will perform and contribute to the research in following aspects:

  • To develop kinematics of parallel mechanisms particularly the Exechon robot

  • To develop a stiffness map of parallel mechanisms

  • To develop kinematics based errors due to stiffness variation and deflection from a PKM in its force-motion domain

  • To examine kinematics errors and part quality of a mechanism

  • To examine the fundamental science in error propagation in PKM-based machining processes based on mechanism

  • To develop discrimination strategy for effective error control in fabrication and assembly

  • To generate high quality journal and conference publications

  • A PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering or Robotics is essential.

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