NUAcT Fellow: Economics of Creative Industries

Updated: about 1 month ago
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, ENGLAND
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 27 May 2024

Since its inception in 2018, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)-funded Creative PEC has succeeded in bringing about a step change in the quantity and quality of evidence available to UK policymakers seeking to support growth in the Creative Industries.

Funding for a further five years has been awarded and since June 2023 the Creative PEC is co-hosted by Newcastle University in partnership with the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) . The Creative PEC will continue to grow the evidence base, addressing industry and government’s current priorities for the Creative Industries including those set out in strategy documents such as the Sector Vision , whilst at the same time advancing research into the longer-term challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

Closely defined together with stakeholders, the PEC research agenda will be both responsive to the needs of policymakers and industry, while at the same time pushing forward the knowledge frontier through research reports and peer-reviewed publications.

The Creative PEC’s research agenda is delivered by a newly developed Research Unit based at Newcastle University, a Research Consortium made by researchers at Newcastle, Sheffield, and Sussex universities and Work Advance, and a newly formed Global Research Fellows Network. The Centre will also regularly issue calls for commissioned and co-commissioned research projects in priority areas. In the new phase, the Creative PEC will also embark in a new flagship initiative for the Sector and collect new primary data via an omnibus-style longitudinal business panel survey.

As a NUAcT Fellow you will be a joining the newly formed Research Unit based at Newcastle University, led by the Creative PEC’s Research Director and Professor of Macroeconomics Giorgio Fazio , and made by two Post-Doctoral Research Associates, Dr Rodrigo Michel and Dr Alejandro Ramirez-Guerra. The Research Unit works closely with the Creative PEC’s Centre Director and Professor of the Economics of Creative Industries, Hasan Bakhshi .

This fellowship, together with the appointment of the new Chair, Prof Hasan Bakhshi, are part of an ambitious commitment of the University in making the Creative PEC one of the leading international centres for economics of Creative Industries.

As faculty member of Newcastle University Business School, you will join one of the largest groups of experts in creative industries economics and policy research in both the UK and globally. Beyond Prof Hasan Bakhshi and Prof Giorgio Fazio, this includes esteemed colleagues such as Dr Jonathan Jones, Dr Sara Maioli and Prof Jonathan Sapsed, all of whom are Creative PEC Co-Investigators, along with Creative PEC Research Associate Dr Daniel Simandjuntak. You will also benefit from being part of dynamic research community on creative industries research both within the Business School and the wider University. .

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