Fermentation process operator

Updated: 5 months ago
Location: Manchester, ENGLAND
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 30 Apr 2020

Holiferm invites applications from inspired, innovative and outstanding individuals for a full time process operator role.

Holiferm is facilitating the transition of the $36 billion surfactant market from harmful, oil based chemicals to biobased alternatives by working with the current market leaders to provide a collaborative innovation platform.

Holiferm recently agreed its first technology license with a field leading surfactant company and received Series A VC funding, positioning us to significantly grow the business, enabling technology scale up and the application of our technology to molecules of interest in collaboration with a number of production companies, all activities in which the applicant will play a key role.

We believe collaboration between companies, disciplines and individuals are the best ways to develop the biosurfactant industry and our company, and the applicant will have the opportunity to broaden their skill set by working with field leaders around the world, within a dynamic and friendly working environment. We offer a competitive pay package and benefits to attract incredible individuals to join our team based in Manchester, UK.

Key Responsibilities

The successful candidate will be responsible for running Holiferm’s biosurfactant production processes in collaboration with the fermentation, downstream and analytical teams. This will involve initially operating benchtop bioreactors, and subsequently pilot and demo scale bioreactors and associated downstream and analytical equipment. This may be at Holiferm owned facilities but could also include collaboration and technology transfer with industrial partners- it is expected there will be significant opportunities for collaboration and travel within this role. Ultimately, the candidate will play a key role in developing and scaling up fermentation processes for a range of sustainable products which Holiferm will take to market across a number of industries.

Candidate requirements We are seeking highly motivated innovators who want to challenge themselves and others and fit well with our company philosophy, and first and foremost, get things done!

The individual should have:


• Experience running benchtop bioreactor fermentations, preferably including complex fermentation protocols (e.g. continuous, fed batch, integrated separation).

• Experience running separation processes at laboratory scale and ideally at industrial or pilot scale.

• Excellent attention to detail and work ethic.


• Experience running pilot or industrial bioreactors.

• Analytical experience (solvent extraction, HPLC, MS, GC e.t.c.).

• Experience of managing projects.

• Experience of producing biosurfactants.

To apply, please send a CV with covering letter to ben.dolman@holiferm.com , or email for further information. Position available immediately.

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