Assistant Professor Civil Engineering

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Location: Glasgow, SCOTLAND
Job Type: FullTime

Job Purpose

To deliver teaching on the new degree programme in Civil Engineering offered jointly by University of Glasgow (through UGS) and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT); to contribute to research of international standard in civil engineering, and to undertake administrative and management tasks associated with University of Glasgow Singapore activities. The preferred areas of expertise are structural engineering or geotechnical engineering, but applications are welcomed from individuals with expertise in any area of civil engineering.
The University of Glasgow Singapore (UGS) is a subsidiary of the University of Glasgow and works in partnership with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). Its mission is to:
• To deliver in-country undergraduate honours degree programmes to the same high standard as those of University of Glasgow in the UK for a high quality education that equips students for a lifetime career as leaders in industry and commerce
• To provide PhD training in support of industry in Singapore
• To develop research and development collaboration with industry and other organisations in Singapore
This post is based at the Dover campus of Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) in Singapore with a requirement to visit the UK for induction and development activities as appropriate. Applicants must have an ability to work in Singapore to deliver this role, subject to working and residency permissions.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1. Take a leading role in the planning, organisation, delivery and assessment of undergraduate and/or postgraduate teaching activities in civil engineering or related subjects within (UGS).
2. Collaborate with colleagues at the University of Glasgow and SIT to ensure coherent delivery of the degree programmes.
3. Establish the University of Glasgow ethos for delivery of teaching so that the research-led style and pedagogy is consistent with that at Glasgow
4. Participate fully in assessment and examination processes using a variety of methods, as appropriate, and provide feedback to students that is relevant, timely and supports learning.
5. Supervise and oversee individual student projects.
6. Contribute as appropriate to the Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP) taught at the Glasgow campus during the summer.
7. Contribute, in consultation with colleagues within UGS and the University of Glasgow, to the ongoing development and design of the curriculum, in a manner that supports a research-led approach to student learning.
8. Lead and sustain internationally leading research activity in civil engineering and/or interdisciplinary aspects of engineering and contribute to the organisation and activities of the School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow and in particular those of the Infrastructure and Environment Research Division. This includes developing and sustaining a track record of publications of international quality and funding required for this research.
9. Work with colleagues in Glasgow and Singapore to develop joint research projects and to secure the funding required to underpin the long-term growth of the research activity. This will include, where appropriate, the development of multi-disciplinary activities and internal and external collaborations.
10. Disseminate research outcomes through publications in leading international journals and presentations at national and international conferences, enhancing the reputation of the University of Glasgow Singapore.
11. Undertake co-supervision (with colleagues in Glasgow and Singapore) of research students and ensure their effective development.
12. Engage in professional development activities as appropriate and in external academic and professional activities to enhance the reputation of the University of Glasgow Singapore.
13. Contribute to the administrative and management duties of the University of Glasgow Singapore, as allocated by the UGS Director and/or the UGS Civil Engineering Programme Director.

Knowledge, Qualifications, Skills and Experience

Knowledge and Qualifications
A1 A good first degree in a relevant discipline
A2 A PhD or equivalent in a Civil Engineering or related field
A3 A comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of current issues and future directions within the wider subject area or subject specialism
A4 An established reputation in an internationally competitive field of research within Civil Engineering that matches or enhances existing research themes within the School
A5 Research expertise of international standard within an area of Civil Engineering that complements the School’s activities
A6 Willingness to work in Singapore to deliver this role, subject to working and residency permissions.
B1 Chartered Engineer or equivalent.
B2 An academic teaching qualification or equivalent.

C1 Ability, drive and organisational skills to secure research grant funding, lead a research team and develop an international research profile
C2 Research creativity and strong cross-discipline collaborative ability, able to lead research of international standard
C3 Ability to teach effectively at undergraduate and/or taught postgraduate level
C4 Excellent Team Leadership skills including demonstrable supervisory skills
C5 Appropriate workload/time/project/budget/people management skills
C6 Excellent interpersonal skills including team working and a collegiate approach
C7 Excellent communication skills (oral and written) in appropriate range of contexts
C8 Strong problem solving skills including a flexible and pragmatic approach
C9 Self motivation, initiative and independent thought/working
C10 Ability and willingness to take on appropriate administrative duties within UGS
C11 A commitment to high quality, research led, student orientated teaching
C12 Leadership, influencing and facilitation skills
C13 Ability to provide strategic contribution within UGS and at School level
E1 Minimum of 3-5 years postdoctoral research experience in relevant area
E2 Established track record of publications of international quality
E3 An excellent track record of development and delivery of teaching, tutoring or demonstrating at undergraduate or postgraduate level
E4 An established track record of successfully applying for and securing research funding either as Lead or Co Investigator
E5 Experience of research collaborations at national and/or international level
E6 An excellent track record of contributing to the development, organisation and delivery of research activities and projects
E7 Evidence of significant esteem and independence in research
E8 Proven ability to present research results at international workshops and conferences
E9 An excellent track record of performing administrative duties in a research led institution

Job Features

1. Undertake teaching in accordance with the University of Glasgow Singapore workload.
2. Organise and mark student assessments (coursework and examinations).
3. Supervise and assess individual student projects.
4. In collaboration with colleagues, develop research plans and submit grant proposals.
5 Co-supervision of research students.
6. Publication of papers in leading international journals and presentations at conferences.
7. Administrative tasks as assigned by the UGS Director and/or UGS Civil Engineering Programme Director.
For appointment at Associate Professor Level:
8. Lead development of research capability that addresses challenges in civil engineering and/or interdisciplinary aspects of engineering.
9. Develop research plans and submit grant proposals.
10. Manage research grants as principal investigator or co-investigator.
11. Individual or co-supervision of research students and/or research staff.
12. Regular publication of papers in leading international journals.
13. Managerial and administrative tasks as assigned by the UGS Director and/or Programme Director.
Planning and Organising
1. Weekly/monthly/annually – planning and preparation of taught courses.
2. Weekly/monthly – research activities of self or research students/staff.
3. Monthly/annually research grant application writing and submission with colleagues.
4. Plan and organise administrative duties on an ongoing basis.
5. Reactive – daily queries from students/staff.
6. Effective organisational skills to manage time and to prioritise appropriately teaching, research and administrative duties.
Decision Making
1. Curricula, intended learning outcomes, course content and assessment methods for undergraduate courses.
2. Strategic decisions on research directions and decisions on grant submissions, including development of collaborative activities.
3. Choice of journals, conferences and other media for dissemination of research outcomes.
4. Prioritise own work.
5. External involvement including collaborations, refereeing applications and papers, journal editorialships
Internal/External Relationships
1. UGS Director and/or UGS Civil Engineering Programme Director for exchange of information, learning and teaching strategy and research strategy.
2. Academic colleagues for information exchange to facilitate effective teaching and research.
3. Undergraduate students – to optimise student learning.
4. Research students – to supervise, advise and motivate.
5. Administrative staff within University of Glasgow Singapore and Singapore Institute of Technology for exchange of information relating to student progress and support, grant applications etc.
6. Researchers at other universities or organisations to develop and maintain national and international research collaborations.
7. Research funding bodies and industry to maximise potential for research funding.
8. Scientific or professional organisations to maintain external links and undertake professional activities.
Problem Solving
1. Act as a first point of contact for problems/enquiries from undergraduate on issues relating to taught courses and individual projects.
2. Scientific research, experimental design and associated problem solving.
3. Assist research students with problems related to research.

Standard Terms & Conditions

Assistant Professor Level: The salary will be S$80,000 - S$115,000 per annum.

Enquiries can be directed to the Acting Directors of UGS [Singapore-based] Dr Cindy Goh ( and Dr Fannon Lim ( or to the Professor of Civil Engineering [Glasgow based] Ms Fiona Bradley (
The successful candidate will be employed by UGlasgow Singapore Pte Ltd.
Interviews will take place on 9 and 12 June 2017.
Vacancy reference: E20320, Closing date: 29 May 2017.
It is the University of Glasgow’s mission to foster an inclusive climate, which ensures equality in our working, learning, research and teaching environment.
We strongly endorse the principles of Athena SWAN, including a supportive and flexible working environment, with commitment from all levels of the organisation in promoting gender equity
The University of Glasgow, charity number SC004401.
UGlasgow Singapore Pte Ltd. Wholly owned subsidiary company of the University of Glasgow.
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