UOWD5745 - Adjunct Lecturer/Tutor - Project Management

Updated: 2 months ago

All sectors of industry, including production or servicing as well as public sector organizations, are increasingly applying the principles of Project Management. Add to this the international factor and project Management can become challenging. In the ‘global economy’, more educated, demanding and litigious customers are creating a strong need for flexible and quick response capabilities in organizations together with strong accountability mechanisms. Managers who are confident in conceiving, planning, implementing and managing international projects are building organizational and personal capabilities which will enhance their organizations - whether engineering, manufacturing, service or ‘not for profit’. This course aims to provide graduates with direction in various project management issues, assess related risks and formulate strategies and contingency plans.

The course covers topics such as Scope Management, Time Management, Human Resource Management, Risk Management, Financial Management, Project Plans, Project Quality Management and Procurement and Contract Management.

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