Space Electronics Development Engineer (Dipl.-Ing., FH/ETH)

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Job Type: Permanent

In der aktuellen Covid-19 Situation laufen die Rekrutierungen weiter. Es kann dabei allerdings zu Verzögerungen kommen. Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis.

100%, permanent

The Physikalisch-Meteorologische Observatorium Davos und Weltstrahlungszentrum (PMOD/WRC) is based in Davos, and develops instruments for the ground and space that measure key parameters of the Sun. The director is also an affiliated professor at the ETH Department of Physics. 

Project background

PMOD/WRC is research institute and international calibration centre, focussed on the measurement of solar irradiance. The PMOD/WRC was established 113 years ago, where an international team of about 50 people conduct prestigious research. PMOD/WRC has been involved in the development of space instruments since the 1980s, with the most recent launch being the ESA Solar Orbiter mission in February 2020. We are involved in future ESA missions, and a JAXA/NASA mission for the future.

Job description

Main tasks will be the design and development, manufacturing, testing, and calibration of high-precision and high-reliable electronics for space instruments and all related tasks. This includes writing the test plans and results as well as detailed documentation in English language according to NASA/ESA/JAXA standards.

Your profile

An education as an electrical technician (focus on electronics) with a college diploma (FH/ETH) would be a suitable basis to successfully fulfil these tasks.

Ideally, you already have sound knowledge and experience in the development, implementation and production of analogue and digital electronic circuits and PCB’s. You should also be familiar with Altium, Python and FPGA design and development.

We aim to recruit a responsible, motivated and team-oriented person who can solve the required assignments with commitment and autonomy.

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