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100%, Zurich, fixed-term

The Engineering Unit of the newly founded Quantum Center at ETH Zurich is looking for an RF engineer.

Project background

The position is embedded into the active environment of the research groups involved in the Quantum Center while providing a diverse and exciting work environment allowing for a high degree of autonomy. The project-based position is initially made available for one year but is extendable until the end of 2025 for which funding is secured. The advertised position is financially supported by and integrated into the Engineering Unit of the Quantum Center of ETH Zurich. The Quantum Center strives to represent the research in quantum technology and engineering at ETH Zurich in the domains of sensing, computation, communication, simulation and basic sciences. The Engineering Unit supports technology development to provide a competitive advantage for the research of the members of the Quantum Center at ETH Zurich.

Job description

In this position, you will actively work with research groups at ETH Zürich who are pioneering approaches to quantum computing, simulation, communication, and sensing in order to address cutting-edge technical challenges. You will develop, test, and integrate RF microwave hardware components that are critical for performing research at the forefront of quantum science and extending quantum technologies from small laboratory systems to real-world applications. A crucial aspect of your job will be collaborating closely with researchers, supporting and educating them in a wide range of design techniques, simulation software, characterization tools, and best practices that are commonly used in the field of RF engineering.

Your profile

We are looking for candidates who have worked in collaborative environments in academic and/or industrial settings. Applicants should ideally

  • have a M.Sc. or similar in physics or electrical engineering
  • have some basic knowledge of quantum physics and be willing to gain more in-depth knowledge in sub-fields, where needed
  • be fluent in German and English

and have experience in a large subset of the following technical topics:

  • RF simulation software, eg. Microwave Office, CTS, Ansys, Sonnet, etc.
  • characterization of existing or commercial components using RF test equipment
  • design, assembly, and testing of RF and microwave circuits, including particular applications such as
    • electrically small antennas
    • materials and packaging for cryogenic RF devices
    • high frequency (> 40 GHz) components
    • electro-optical devices

Applicants should be ready to apply their expertise in finding creative and unconventional solutions to challenging problems and be eager to learn new topics and gain new skills in quantum technology and related scientific disciplines. The ability to effectively communicate with researchers from a wide range of backgrounds is also very important.

ETH Zurich

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