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100%, Singapore, fixed-term

ETH Zurich is one of the leading universities of the world with a strong focus on science and engineering. In 2010 it established the Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC) in collaboration with the National Research Foundation (NRF) to do interdisciplinary research on pressing problems.

The centre currently runs several research programmes with the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) as one of the programmes. It is home to a community of over 100 PhD, postdoctoral and Professorial researchers working on diverse themes related to sustainable cities and resilient infrastructure systems. In the course of their work, researchers actively collaborate with universities, research institutes, industry, and government agencies with the aim of offering practical solutions.

Project background

Research Project: New Urban Agendas Under Planetary Urbanisation

While discussions on urban sustainability have focused on cities and urban regions, many agricultural territories are equally exposed to rapid and far-​reaching urban transformation processes with massive social and environmental implications, opening a research gap for ‘agri-​urbanisms’. 

The New Urban Agendas under Planetary Urbanisation module aims to address the gap by analysing selected processes of ‘extended urbanisation’ in agricultural territories across Europe and Asia.

The module combines detailed qualitative analysis with quantitative geospatial analysis and modelling, thereby linking the social, political and cultural aspects of urbanisation to transformations in land use patterns, soil ecosystems and ecosystem services.

Job description

The position offered requires the candidate to work in the following three fields

New Urban Agendas Under Planetary Urbanisation Research

  • Refining the territorial cartographic synthesis of Agri urban landscape typologies within the Zurich metropolitan region.
  • Integrating the interdisciplinary research results from case study analysis, ethnographic field work, soil ecologies and ecosystem services by maintaining communication with the ETH Zurich team member and continuing the exchange and contribution to other ongoing projects related to the research.
  • Developing design strategies based on the principles of agroecology and sustainable urban development in Agri urban environments
  • Territorial study SIJORI 

  • Advance the cartographic work of Johor-Singapore-Riau cross-border metropolitan region through extended geo-spatial analysis, empirical work and field work.
  • Producing a minimum one scientific paper on methodologies of territorial cartographies through Multi criteria evaluation analysis (MCA) based on empirical, spatial and socio-cultural indicators.

    Your profile

    You should

    • have a master degree in landscape architecture with experience in the field of urban and landscape design 
    • be familiar with concepts of ecological transition and the principles of sustainable agro-ecological design
    • have in-depth knowledge of both the Singapore and Zurich region
    • have experience with techniques of qualitative research to carry out and conceptualise a territorial study
    • be trained in GIS and CAD software with strong land surveying and mapping skills, have strong visual communication skills
    • be an effective team member with strong organizational and interpersonal skills and experience managing their work independently in a small interdisciplinary team
    • English on a proficiency level, knowledge in German is a strong asset

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    ETH Zurich is one of the world’s leading universities specialising in science and technology. We are renowned for our excellent education, cutting-edge fundamental research and direct transfer of new knowledge into society. Over 30,000 people from more than 120 countries find our university to be a place that promotes independent thinking and an environment that inspires excellence. Located in the heart of Europe, yet forging connections all over the world, we work together to develop solutions for the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

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