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Novartis Technical Operations
Full Time
Novartis has one of the best biologics pipelines in the pharmaceutical industry, with a large number of projects in the different clinical development phases.
Within the Novartis Biologics Technical Development and Manufacturing (BTDM) organization, the Early Phase Pharmaceutical Development group is responsible for developing the drug product for preclinical toxicology studies as well as first in man clinical studies, and is thus handling different protein formats, including monoclonal antibodies, Fab fragments, Fc fusion proteins, protein conjugates, ADCs and different protein scaffolds.
In order to enable the therapeutic properties of potentially powerful biologics with very short half-life in the desired site of action, the development of new special dosage forms for biologics is required, such as microparticles, gels, implants, scaffolds etc.
We are looking for a talented postdoc researcher to join the Early Phase Pharmaceutical Development Team, within the NBE Delivery Group, to tackle the challenging task to encapsulate monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic proteins into selected delivery systems by tailoring formulation parameters and processing conditions in order to maximize encapsulation efficiency, minimize protein degradation during manufacturing, optimize release kinetics and ensure protein stability during half-life and in vivo.
Duration of the position 2 years.
The responsibilities include:
• Evaluation of the state-of-the-art in the field
• Contributing to the conception of innovative ideas and solutions under limited direction, and independently working on execution, including design, implementation, and interpretation of scientific research results.
• Lead and coordinate the collaboration with different formulation and analytical interfaces within Novartis to achieve the project goals.
• Effectively communicates plans, progress and results with key stakeholders
• Ensures accuracy and timely sharing of information
• Prepare high quality research reports and manuscripts for publishing in major scientific journals or patent submission.
• Education: PhD in Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Technology or related field, with 0-2 years Postgraduate experience.
• Relevant experience with drug delivery technologies and polymer physics, good understanding of physico-chemical properties of proteins, experienced in analytical characterization (e.g. HPLC, Spectrophotometry, particles characterization, calorimetry, etc.). Ideally, prior experience in process development and process engineering.
• Fluent written and spoken English.
• Team spirit and flexibility
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