Postdoc: Combining Atmospheric retrieval & planet interior characterization

Updated: 5 months ago
Deadline: 15 Apr 2023

This PostDoc project is highly interdisciplinary as it links atmospheric sciences, planetary science, and observations of exoplanets. You will focus on the combined characterization of atmospheres & deep interiors of exoplanets using JWST data of transiting exoplanets with RV follow-up observations. This is a pioneering endeavour, as the use of spectroscopic data for the characterization of the deep interior is still very novel. This Postdoc project is a great opportunity to build a unique research profile. You are expected to bring in expertise from atmospheric retrieval and learn about the deep interior physics. The exoplanet community is eager to know what we can learn from atmospheres about the deep interior of planets, and with this project, you will achieve key milestones on our way to answer this question.

The PostDoc project is funded for 2+1 years.


  • We seek an ambitious postdoctoral fellow with a strong background in observational astronomy or theoretical astrophysics, including, but not limited to, theoretical astrophysics, exoplanet observations, radiative transfer, chemistry, inversion methods, fluid dynamics.
  • Good practical experience in atmospheric retrieval is required.
  • Successful candidates must hold a PhD degree or equivalent by the starting date of the position.

Please find more information about the job and how to apply here: online application portal. 

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