Fire Officer (HSE-FRS-2021-41-LD)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 27 May 2021


Are you a professional fire officer? Contribute your skills and experience for the safety of a unique environment hosting some of the world’s most complex technical installations. Join CERN’s Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) . Take part! 

CERN fire and Rescue Service provides around-the-clock emergency services including firefighting, accident response and emergency care and rescue. It is involved in various general safety activities, in particular training, drafting of operational procedures (forward planning, prevention, means of rescue) and collaboration with the fire and rescue services of the Organization's Host States (France and Switzerland). 


As professional fire officer, you will be a member of CFRS and report directly to the Head of the Fire and Rescue Service or to Operational Leaders.  As a fire officer, you will play a dual role - operational and managerial - as follows: 

Operational Duties 

As a CFRS on-duty officer: 

  • Direct and coordinate complex rescue and accident operational response and provide any other service requested by the Director-General in the wider interests of the Organization. 
  • Coordinate the collaboration between CFRS and its stakeholders both internally and externally. 
  • Ensure the readiness for action of CFRS personnel and equipment. 
  • Provide operational sections and other safety services with technical expertise, with a view to the logical coordinated and rapid implementation of means and methods of responding to threats and incidents of all kinds. 
  • Process information relating to operational activities and communicate it to the team of officers and the head of service. 
  • Check, approve and disseminate intervention reports. 

Managerial duties 

As a member of the CFRS management team:

  • Participate in the operational and administrative management of the group. 
  • Contribute to the definition of the objectives of the firefighting teams and ensure that these objectives are achieved. 
  • Lead and implement various CFRS projects. 
  • Prepare for, supervise, and take part in CERN's events. 
  • Follow training and take part in training exercises in accordance with the CFRS training plan and annual training programme. 
  •  Develop collaborations with the various stakeholders of the CFRS and contribute to these 


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