Electrotechnical Technician - Automation (TTE Programme)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 31 Jan 2022

Company Description

At CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. Using the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments, they study the basic constituents of matter - fundamental particles that are made to collide together at close to the speed of light. The process gives physicists clues about how particles interact, and provides insights into the fundamental laws of nature. Find out more on http://home.cern .

Diversity has been an integral part of CERN's mission since its foundation and is an established value of the Organization.

Job Description

Are you a technician looking for a challenging professional experience to further your career? If so, joining CERN’s Technician programme may very well give you that challenge.  This position as a Electrotechnical technician is part of our prestigious TTE programme. 

Join the Environment Services  Section within the HSE Unit  (Health & Safety and Environmental Protection Unit) in charge of the operation and the development of measurement systems ensuring the monitoring of emissions into the atmosphere, the discharge of effluents into watercourses surrounding CERN sites as well as the monitoring of stray-radiation linked to the operation of CERN’s accelerators and associated experiments. 


Within our team, you will contribute to the design, development, as well as the maintenance and operation of the wide network of monitors linked to CERN’s environmental monitoring programme. You will contribute in particular to :

  • operate, maintain and upgrade industrial data-acquisition and control systems related to instrumentation dedicated to stray radiation, air and water monitoring;
  • install, commission and investigate failures of PLC-based control systems;
  • implement and maintain telecommunication systems through phone cellular networks;
  • on-site integration worksites, including activities coordination with other CERN Departments;
  • maintenance activities of the monitoring network.

Skills required for the job:

  • Knowledge in the definition of technical specifications and the development of PLC and Touch Panels;
  • Knowledge in the design of low-voltage electrical circuits for PLC controls;
  • Selection, integration and commissioning of electromechanical parts (e.g air/water pumps, valves, flow meters, physicochemical sensors);
  • Knowledge in the operation and maintenance of electromechanical equipment and PLC based control systems;
  • Knowledge of CAD electrical design software for modification of electrical drawings.
  • Organised and structured approach.

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