Electrical Engineer / Applied Physicist (TE-MSC-TM-2021-76-LD)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 16 Oct 2021


Join a great team pushing the limits of accelerator-magnet test and measurement, to shape the future of CERN’s large accelerators. Take part!

You will join:

The Test and Magnetic Measurements Section (TM) of the Magnet, Superconductors and Cryostat Group (MSC), as part of the Technology Department (TE), in charge of the qualification of magnetic materials, testing of accelerator components, and magnetic measurements of normal and superconducting magnets. The TE-MSC group has the mandate to design, construct, and test superconducting as well as normal conducting magnets, and to integrate them in the CERN accelerator complex.

The mandate of the TM section includes the characterization of the magnetic field strength and homogeneity of new and existing accelerator magnets, along with electrical and power test of superconducting devices. This work is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of engineers/physicists, technicians, and students working in collaboration with magnet designers and beam physicists. To make these tests and measurements possible, and to achieve the accuracy required to control particle beams, we develop and maintain highly specialised, world-class test facilities, electronic instrumentation and magnetic sensors. To support magnetic measurements and analysis we develop software for data-acquisition and controls as well as magnet-design software based on finite/boundary elements. Latest developments have included generalized field descriptions, combining magnetic measurements with numerical field simulations. We are also responsible for the development and maintenance of real-time measurement systems that provide crucial feedback to various accelerator control systems.


As an electrical/electronic engineer or applied physicist in the TM section, you will take an active part in the work related to the test and magnetic measurements of normal and superconducting magnets, including:

  • Design, manufacture, and metrological characterization of hardware and software components of test systems for super- and normal-conducting magnets.
  • Execution of test and measurement campaigns in our section’s laboratories and throughout the CERN accelerator complex. Post-processing analysis of test results and compilation of test reports. Software integration of quality assurance structures.
  • Development of embedded and distributed software and firmware for electronic components, and database interfaces.  
  • Development and maintenance of the dedicated software framework developed for data acquisition and controls.
  • Development and maintenance of the ROXIE software for magnetic design. Innovative use of infrastructure for software development such as GitLab, and scripting languages to link ROXIE with commercial software for multi-physics simulations.

 After an initial period including on-the-job training, you will be expected to:

  • Contribute to upcoming test campaigns for various CERN and collaboration projects.
  • Interface effectively with magnet designers, beam operation teams, mechanical and electric support personnel and other magnet test specialists.
  • Take charge of the development and maintenance of critical software and firmware of real-time and off-line test and magnetic measurement systems.
  • Take charge of the development and maintenance of multi-physics simulation and analysis software for accelerator magnets.
  • Supervise technical/doctoral students for software development.

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