100% Post-doc Position on Urban Metabolism and Digital Twins

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Your mission :

We are offering a 100% Post-doc / senior scientist position on Dynamics of Urban Metabolism at the Laboratory for Human-Environment Relations in Urban Systems (HERUS), ENAC, at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Currently, more that 50 % of the world’s population lives in cities, and this share is expected to keep increasing, posing growing challenges for sustainable development. Although cities only cover 3 % of the earth’s surface, they account for 75 % of global CO2 emissions, consume about 75 % of resources and produce 50 % of the waste worldwide. However, cities also provide income (80 % of global GDP) and education, and are hotspots for innovation. The ambiguous role of cities poses large challenges and opportunities and renders it necessary to develop tools to assess urban strategies and developments from a sustainability perspective.
The HERUS Laboratory focuses on the transition of urban systems towards sustainability. Thereby, we pursue an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together scholars from social-, natural-, computational and technology oriented sciences. The future post-doc will build on and further develop the area of Urban Metabolism, circular economy, and digital twins. He/she will adopt a dynamic perspective, bringing short- and long-term aspects affecting the urban metabolism.

Remark :
Only candidates who applied through EPFL website or our partner Jobup’s website will be considered. Files sent by agencies without a mandate will not be taken into account.

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