Senior research assistant position in integrative neurophysiology cognitive neuroscience

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Deadline: 06 May 2021

We are seeking a highly motivated senior research assistant to join our group for Integrative Neurophysiology - with a special focus on molecular techniques in physiology, at the Department of Integrative Medical Biology, Umeå University. The position is to 2021-12-31 and start June 1st or upon agreement.

Project description

In our research, we aim to understand how different parts of the central nervous system interact to generate purposeful behaviors. In particular, we study how the cerebral cortex and the basal ganglia interact in order to control motor actions, both under normal conditions and in individuals afflicted by Parkinson’s disease. In our previous work we have studied motor control functions, ranging from relatively simple circuits in the spinal cord to elaborate networks like the cortico-basal ganglia-thalamic loop in healthy brains and in models of Parkinson’s disease. To this end we have developed unique technologies that allow us to analyze neuronal activity from 10-20 brain structures in parallel in freely behaving animals.

The announced position has a focus on electrophysiological recordings in rats and mice applying large-scale neuronal recordings in combination with optogenetic techniques and functional fluorescent imaging (of neuronal activity and/or transmitter release), in parallel with automated tracking of motor behavior.

A specific aim of the project will be to clarify the functional significance of a recently identified cell-group in the dorsocentral part of the striatum receiving convergent input from motor and multisensory cortical areas. 


Eligible to apply are individuals with a PhD in Medical science or equivalent of relevance for the project. Above that should the applicant have:

a strong experimental background in in vivo neurophysiology deep knowledge of molecular techniques that can be applied to in vivo neurophysiology a good understanding of the various signal analyses approaches used within the field a track record of high-quality publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Extra merits

The position has a significant experimental component; previous experience of in vivo neuronal recordings and imaging in freely moving animals will therefore be considered a particularly strong merit.

The applicant is expected to be able to work both independently and as a part of the research team and have very good knowledge of English both oral and writing.


The application must be made in our recruitment system Varbi at latest May 6st 2021 and should include:

  • A brief cover letter that describes the applicant’s research experience, research interests, and suitability for the project.
  • Curriculum vitae including information about academic degrees (with verifications), technical expertise, employments, list of publications, and names and contact information for two references.

The position is until 2021-12-31 and starts June 1st 2021 or upon agreement. For more information, contact Associate Professor Per Petersson by the Department of Integrative Medical Biology, e-mail:

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