Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Forest Genetics

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Deadline: 10 Feb 2023

An appointment as Senior Lecturer in Forest Genetics with focus on breeding of conifers in boreal ecosystems is vacant at the Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Umeå. The department is part of Umeå Plant Science Centre . Our main activities are academic research in experimental plant biology and our major goal is to understand all aspects of plants in relation to the environment in which they live.

Last day to apply: February 10, 2023

Subject Area

The subject area for the position is forest genetics, with focus on breeding of conifers in boreal ecosystems. The research addresses both basic and applied questions relevant for the subject area, mainly using Norway Spruce and Scots Pine as model systems. The research focuses on development of tools within quantitative genetics, with possible applications in e.g. improving wood properties and improving adaptation to climate change.


The Senior Lecturer shall:

  • act in accordance with the vision, goals and basic values of SLU
  • develop and lead internationally successful research
  • apply for external funding in competition at national and international level
  • lead, develop and participate in teaching and supervision of students at all levels
  • supervise PhD students and Postdocs,
  • collaborate with other researchers and the society regionally, nationally and internationally
  • disseminate research findings

Non Swedish-speaking staff members are expected to, within four years of first being employed, have sufficient knowledge of Swedish to understand information in Swedish.


The applicant shall:

  • have a doctoral degree within a relevant subject or their equivalent scientific competence,
  • have documented research group leader experience
  • be scientifically skilled within the subject area for this appointment
  • be pedagogically skilled
  • teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in forest genetics is required as is experience in supervising PhD students.
  • be able to communicate in English, both in writing and orally

Assessment Criteria

Assessment criteria for appointment of a Senior Lecturer will primarily be based on the degree to which the applicant possesses the required qualifications specified for the position.

The assessment of scientific skills will consider:

  • completed research activities and ongoing research within the subject area
  • future research vision within the subject area
  • ability to independently initiate, lead and develop innovative research
  • ability to attract external research funding in competition

The assessment of pedagogic skills will consider the ability to:

  • plan, conduct and evaluate their own teaching
  • supervise and examine undergraduate and master level students
  • supervise and examine at doctoral level
  • convey and implement their pedagogical vision
  • integrate research and academic thinking in teaching

Furthermore, the assessment will consider the applicant’s degree of skills in:

  • managing, developing and leading academic units and staff
  • interacting with relevant stakeholders and society
  • dissemination of information on research and development projects

Specific competence in genomic selection methods with relevance for the subject forest genetics is especially meritorious.

Good knowledge in Swedish is considered meritorious.

When assessing the candidate’s qualifications, equal attention will be given to teaching and research expertise respectively, as well as to other qualifications.

The position will be offered to the person who, after a qualitative overall assessment, is assessed to be most suitable to carry out and develop the above mentioned duties and to contribute to the positive development of the organization.


It is desirable that the application is written in English, because the applications will be evaluated by expert advisers both in Sweden and abroad.

Please find here “Appointment procedures for teachers at SLU” and “General assessment criteria for the appointment of teachers" .

You can find the full job description on the SLU homepage following the below link. Please apply via the e-recruitment system of SLU using the apply-button at the bottom of this page:


About Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC)

The Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology is part of Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC) which is a centre of excellence for experimental plant research and forest biotechnology in Northern Sweden. Our mission is to perform excellent and innovative basic research and generate knowledge that benefits forestry, agriculture, environment and society. We work across a wide range of disciplines in plant science reaching from cell biology to ecophysiology and from basic research to industrial applications. Our common goal is to understand the plants’ ability to grow, adapt and acclimate to a changing world and how we can breed better plants.

UPSC belongs to two universities, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Umeå University . About 200 people from more than 40 different nationalities work here. We host some 30 principal investigators, and our researchers have access to state-of-the-art analytical platforms, unique tree germplasm resources and plant growth facilities. We strive for a collaborative work environment and support our scientists throughout all career stages by providing professional training opportunities and individual career mentoring.

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