Researcher in Ultrafast quantum physics

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 27 Sep 2023

8 Sep 2023
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Lunds universitet

Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Department of Physics
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First Stage Researcher (R1)

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27 Sep 2023 - 21:59 (UTC)
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Not Applicable
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Not funded by an EU programme
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Description of the workplace 

The Division of Atomic Physics at the Physics Department, Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University has a staff of about 50 researchers including guest researchers and graduate students. The research at the division is mainly based on the use of lasers, ranging from diode lasers to terawatt lasers at the High-Power Laser Facility. Research areas include interactions between intense laser fields and matter, attosecond science, quantum information, solid-state X-ray spectroscopy, laser applications in medicine and biology, and industrial applications. More information can be found at .

The positions are linked to the Attosecond Science Group at the division. The research of the group includes ultrafast optics and lasers, attosecond pulse generation, and applications to the study of ultrafast phenomena in different materials. The researchers are expected to work within an emerging topic at the frontier of attosecond science and quantum information, where fundamental quantum properties such as coherence or entanglement are explored on an ultrashort timescale.

 We offer 

Lund University is a public authority which means that employees get particular benefits, generous annual leave and an advantageous occupational pension scheme. 
Read more on the University website about being a Lund University employee Work at Lund University 

Work duties 

We are hiring two one-year researcher positions in ultrafast quantum physics. One position is mainly experimental, while the other position will be more theoretically oriented, but with a strong connection to the experimental activity. You will work in a project with the goal  to study fundamental quantum mechanical properties using free electrons, which are emitted from atoms during photoionization with attosecond pulses.

Your work tasks will mainly include research within the subject area. You will also teach at master level and assist in supervision of master and doctoral student.

Appointment to a position as a researcher requires that the applicant has a PhD.

Required qualifications for the position are:

  • A PhD or equivalent research qualification in physics. 
  • Very good oral and written proficiency in English. 
  • Documented knowledge in atomic physics with connections to quantum physics
  • experience in attosecond physics, as well as a solid background in quantum physics
  • Independence and good cooperation skills 

Additional qualifications for the position are:

  • Experience in ultrafast quantum physics, a topic at the frontier of attosecond physics and quantuminformation
  • For one position: documented experience in experimental attosecond physics
  • For the other position: documented experience in theoretical quantum physics with connection to laser-matter interaction

Consideration will also be given to personal suitability and how the applicant’s experience and skills complement and strengthen ongoing research within the department, and how they stand to contribute to its future development. 

Further information 

The position is a fixed term position for one year at 100 per cent of full time and starting by agreement. 

How to apply 
Applications are to be submitted via the University’s recruitment system. The application should include a CV and a personal letter justifying your interest in the position and how it matches your qualifications. The application should also include a degree certificate or equivalent and any other document to which you would like to draw attention (copies of grade transcripts, details of referees, letters of recommendation, etc.). 

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Lunds universitet

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