Quantum Hardware Engineers at Chalmers Next Labs

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Deadline: 01 Jul 2024

Chalmers Next Labs AB is looking for experts to establish and operate a quantum technology lab. The company will build and operate two Quantum technology testbeds : one testbed for Quantum computing algorithms and one for Quantum hardware. We will recruit a team of ten persons in total for six different types of positions, where two persons are already recruited. All positions are fulltime on permanent basis.

About the Quantum testbeds
The Quantum algorithm testbed comprises a large dilution refrigerator hosting a 25-qubit chip developed by the WACQT research center at Chalmers. The setup is fully equipped with microwave control electronics and a control SW stack. This NISQ-regime quantum computer will be available for industry and researchers to execute quantum algorithms. The users will include researchers in Sweden and individuals from industry partners.

The Quantum hardware testbed comprises a smaller dilution refrigerator and can accommodate various experiments requiring low temperatures for developing Quantum technology hardware. The goal is to support enabling technology and spin-off companies that may lack the resources to purchase their own equipment but still need to test their products. Examples include tests for microwave filters, single photon detectors and sources, and software optimizing qubit control.

About the position
We are looking for highly skilled Hardware Engineers for three positions for the establishment, operations, and maintenance of quantum testbeds hardware. The engineers will form a professional cross-functional team with complementary skills.

Main responsibilities:
- Perform the complete installation of two testbeds, including the dilution refrigerators.
- Conduct thorough dry runs and commissioning process.
- Ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of the testbeds.
- Upgrade the testbeds.

Necessary qualifications:
- Proven experience in cryogenics systems, RF electronics, and superconducting circuits.
- Expertise in lab setup and maintenance. 

General qualifications:
- Fluency in English, oral and written

About Chalmers Next Labs AB
Chalmers Next Labs AB is a non-profit wholly owned company in the university group where Chalmers conducts activities characterized by research-related development with potentially large societal impact. The business is broad and ranges from "Deep Tech" to advanced decision support for societal challenges. The company develops the utilization of outstanding research at Chalmers.

Application deadline: January 7, 2024
Submit your interest in the positions as soon as possible. Interviews will take place continuously and the position may be filled before the application deadline.

For general questions regarding the position, please contact:
Paul Häyhänen
Tel: +46 723963303

For technical questions, please contact:
Per Delsing
Tel: +46 317723317

*** Chalmers declines to consider all offers of further announcement publishing or other types of support for the recruiting process in connection with this position. ***

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