Professor of Nursing with the possibility of joint employment as a nurse (up to 2 positions)

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Deadline: 30 Jan 2022

The Department of Nursing, Umeå University, provides professional programmes in nursing in Umeå, Skellefteå and Örnsköldsvik, specialist programmes for registered nurses, masters programme in nursing and doctoral studies. Our three main subjects are Nursing, Radiography and Midwifery Science. We are now recruiting up to two professors in Nursing with the possibility of joint employment as a nurse. More information about our department can be found here . Last application date is January 30, 2022.


The work includes research and development on the subject of Nursing. The professor is expected to lead research and represent the subject in an academic context. This includes leading personnel and activities. In addition, the professor is expected to attract external research grants in a competitive environment and finance the creation and operation of the department’s own research group. The work also includes teaching, supervision and examination in the subject area Nursing in education at the first and second cycle levels, especially in nursing programmes. Teaching in other programmes and courses and/or related subject areas or general skills for vocational training may also be included. The professor must be an active researcher and also teach the subject at third-cycle level. Professors have an additional responsibility for the summative assessment of third cycle studies. The development of new first, second and third-cycle courses are also included in the tasks. Administrative duties and assignments within the Department and the Faculty of Medicine are also included. Teaching may take place in locations other than where the position is based and will be conducted in part by internet-based remote teaching methods. Teaching may be conducted in Swedish or English.

The position is based in Umeå, but Skellefteå or Örnsköldsvik may also be possible bases, as the department also has activities there. Work may also take place in locations other than the base.

By agreement, and subject to the approval of the healthcare authority, the appointment as a professor may be combined with employment as a registered and where applicable specialist nurse in Region Västerbotten or Region Västernorrland, which will involve clinical duties for up to 13 hours a week.


To qualify for the professorship, the applicant must have demonstrable scientific and educational expertise. This position also requires certification as a nurse with regard to the duties of teacher/supervisor/examiner in the nursing programmes.
Research expertise refers to independent research initiatives, the ability to plan and lead research and communicate information about research to the outside world.

Educational expertise refers to documented experience of planning, implementation, examination and evaluation of teaching and is shown in a reflective approach to student learning and one’s own teacher role.

To be eligible, the applicant must have a documented ability to teach in Swedish and English.

To be eligible, the applicant is expected to be a nationally and internationally recognized researcher, based on the tasks of managing research and representing the subject scientifically. The applicant must also demonstrate documented experience as the principal supervisor in third cycle education from admission to thesis defence based on work as a third cycle examiner. Documented experience of obtaining external research grants in competition with others is also necessary.

To be eligible for the position, the applicant must have documented experience of research in the field of Nursing.

To be eligible, the applicant must have a documented competence in the subject of Nursing.

Requirements applicable only if the position will be combined with employment as a nurse:

Certification as a nurse is also necessary for combining the professorship with employment as a nurse, for which clinical skills are a qualification requirement. Also, proof of having completed specialist training is a requirement where the applicant wishes to combine the position with employment as a specialist nurse.
Moreover, eligibility for combined employment requires the necessary language skills in Swedish, Danish or Norwegian (as defined by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare).

Assessment criteria

One of the assessment criteria for the professorship is a degree of expertise sufficient to meet the eligibility requirements for appointment in accordance with the previous paragraph, i.e. scientific, teaching and clinical abilities. In addition, attention will be paid to administrative ability and proficiency in academic leadership.

A general basis for assessment for teaching staff at Umeå University is both good cooperative skills and the expertise and suitability in general required to complete the work duties satisfactorily.

Equal attention will be paid to the assessment of teaching ability as to research expertise.

The weighting of assessment criteria

For the appointment, scientific skill will be weighted the most (3). Furthermore, the degree of teaching ability will also be weighted (2). Also, the level of skills in administration and academic leadership, collaborative ability (overall 1), and where appropriate clinical skills (1), will be assessed.

Description of the assessment criteria

The criteria are described in more detail in Description of assessment criteria of applicants for the position of Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Umeå University (Ref. FS 1.1-248-19).

In assessing scientific skills for this position, particular emphasis will be placed on independent research initiatives, innovation, relevance, quality and originality in current Nursing research, and external research grants obtained as the principal applicant.

When assessing teaching ability for this position, special consideration will be given to documented experience in planning, implementation and evaluation of education at the first, second and third cycle levels in Nursing. Supervision and examination experience will also be taken into consideration. A professor is expected to have been the principal supervisor through to thesis defence of at least two third cycle students.

Administrative skills can be demonstrated through experience of planning first cycle courses and programmes; the ability to help others develop; leadership and other administration tasks. 

Academic leadership skills can be demonstrated through offices held within academia and on research councils.

Where applicable, clinical proficiency may be demonstrated through current clinical experience and documented good clinical abilities.


Last application date is January 30, 2022. Instructions for the application and a list of the documents to be attached to the application can be found here .

You apply via our e-recruitment system which you can reach via the application button below. When the application is received, you will receive a confirmation email.

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