Professor in physiotherapy with the possibility to combine with clinical employment as physiotherapist

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The work includes research and development in the subject of physiotherapy. The professor is expected to lead research and represent the subject in an academic context. This includes leading staff and operative activity. The Professor is also expected to attract external research grants in competition and fund the development and running costs of his/her own research group. The work also includes teaching, supervision and examination in the subject area physiotherapy in education at undergraduate and advanced level, especially at the physiotherapy  program. Teaching in other programs and courses and/or related subject areas or general skills for professional educations may also be included. The Professor, who is expected to be an active researcher, should also supervise doctoral students in the subject area. The professors are especially responsible for examinations of doctoral students. Development of new courses at first-cycle, second-cycle and third-cycle levels are also included in the tasks, as well as administrative duties and assignments within the Department and the Faculty of Medicine. Teaching may take place in locations other than where the position is based and will be conducted in part by internet-based remote teaching methods. Teaching will be in Swedish as well as in English.

The position is based in Umeå  (but work in another place may occur).

The appointment as a professor may, after agreement with Region Västerbotten, be combined with employment as a physiotherapist , which will involve clinical duties for up to 13 hours a week.

Qualification requirements

To qualify for the professorship, the applicant must have demonstrable scientific and teaching skills. 

Scientific skills refer to independent research efforts, the ability to plan and lead research, and the ability to communicate research with the society.

Teaching skills refers to documented experience of planning, implementation, examination and evaluation of teaching and is shown in a reflective approach to student learning and one’s own teacher role.

To be eligible for employment, the applicant must have documented ability to teach in Swedish and English. 

Requirements that only apply if the employment is to be combined with clinical employment in a licensed profession within health care: 

Certificate as a physiotherapist is a requirement for the employment to be combined with clinical employment, and clinical skill is then an eligibility requirement. In addition, the necessary language skills in Swedish, Danish or Norwegian (according to the National Board of Health and Welfare's definition) are required to be eligible. 

To be eligible, the applicant is expected to be a nationally and internationally recognized researcher, based on skills as a research leader and by scientifically representing the subject area. The applicant must also demonstrate documented experience as the principal supervisor in third-cycle education from admission to thesis defence, based on work as a third-cycle examiner. Documented experience of having obtained external research grants in competition is also required.

To be qualified for the position, the applicant must show documented experience of research in the field of physiotherapy .

To be eligible for employment, the applicant must show documented subject competence in the subject of physiotherapy .

Assessment criteria

As a basis for assessment when hiring a professor, the degree of such skill that is a requirement for eligibility for employment shall apply, i.e. scientific, teaching, and (if applicable) clinical skills. In addition, attention will be paid to administrative ability and proficiency in academic leadership.

A general basis for assessment for teaching staff at Umeå University is both good cooperative skills, and the expertise and suitability in general required to complete the tasks satisfactorily.

Equal attention must be paid to the assessment of teaching skills as to scientific skills. 

The weighting of assessment criteria

During appointment, merits will be weighted as follows: scientific skills (3), teaching skills (2), administrative skills, proficiency in academic leadership (1) and clinical skills (all together 1).

Description of the assessment criteria

The criteria are described in more detail in Description of assessment criteria of applicants for the position of Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Umeå University (Ref. FS 1.1-248-19).

In assessing scientific skills for this position, particular emphasis will be placed on independent research initiatives, innovation, relevance, quality and originality in current research of physiotherapy , and external research grants obtained as the main applicant.

When assessing teaching skills for this position, special consideration will be given to documented experience in planning, implementation, and evaluation of education on first-cycle, second-cycle and third-cycle level in physiotherapy . Supervision and examination experience will also be taken into consideration. For a position as Professor, documented experience as main supervisor for at least two doctoral students until dissertation is expected.

Administrative skills can be demonstrated through experience in first-cycle education planning,

skills in developing and leading others as well as skills to administer

Skills in academic leadership can be demonstrated through positions of trust in academia and in research councils.

Clinical skills will be demonstrated through current clinical experience and documented good clinical abilities.

Especially meritorious for this position is documented ability to plan and lead international research projects. Experience in management of translational, co-creative or clinical research projects in physiotherapy is also meritorious .


The application deadline is 2023-10-31. Instructions for the application and a list of the documents to be attached to the application can be found here .

Please send your application via our e-recruitment system. 

When the application is received, you will receive a response email.

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