Professor in Microbial ecology in forest ecosystems

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Department of Forest mycology and plant pathology

An appointment as Professor in Forest Microbiology, with focus on Microbial Ecology in forest ecosystems is vacant at the Department of forest mycology and plant pathology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala. Our department provides a dynamic and international environment that comprises experts who conduct fundamental and applied research on interactions between microorganisms and plants, mycology, microbial ecology and evolution, and biodiversity. Central themes are forest and plant pathology and nutrient and carbon cycling in agricultural and forest ecosystems. Current research in Microbial Ecology of forest ecosystems is focused on the biology and ecology of symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi, fungal roles in elemental cycling, organic matter degradation and carbon sequestration, as well as biological weathering. Interactions of ectomycorrhizal fungi with bacteria and saprotrophic and pathogenic fungi are also studied. Other research areas are diversity and molecular evolution of fungi, especially evolutionary origins and diversification of symbiotic fungal lineages, studied using macroevolutionary and genomic tools. The department is responsible for, and participates in, teaching in soil biology and microbial ecology in several programs and courses.

Subject Area

The subject area for the position is Forest Microbiology, with focus on Microbial Ecology in forest ecosystems. The subject includes ecology and/or evolution of symbiotic-, plant-associated and free-living soil microorganisms, including bacteria, archaea, fungi and eukaryotic microorganisms, and their interactions with trees, other plants and the surrounding environment. The research can include, but is not limited to, research on plant-soil feedbacks, nutrient cycling, and climate change. The research can address both fundamental and applied research questions of relevance for forest ecosystems.


Within the subject area for the position, the professor is expected to:

  • develop and lead internationally recognized and successful research
  • manage and support a research team
  • apply for external research funding from regional, national and international sources
  • develop and maintain national and international networks of researchers, industry and society
  • collaborate with other researchers within and outside SLU
  • develop, lead and participate in teaching and supervision of students at all levels
  • supervise and train PhD students
  • contribute to the strategic development at department and faculty levels
  • disseminate research findings and contribute relevant knowledge to society


The candidate who is offered the position shall:

  • have a PhD degree in a relevant subject for the position and the qualifications required to be appointed docent (associate professor) or equivalent
  • be scientifically skilled within the subject area for this appointment
  • be pedagogically skilled
  • be able to communicate in English both in writing and orally 

Assessment Criteria

Assessment for appointment of a professor will primarily be based on the degree to which the applicant possesses the required qualifications specified for the position. 

The assessment of scientific skills will consider:

  • quality and quantity of current and previous research
  • visions for future research
  • ability to independently initiate, lead and develop novel research
  • ability to train PhD students and young researchers
  • ability to successfully obtain external research funds

The assessment of pedagogic skills will consider:

  • planning, conducting and evaluating teaching
  • experience of supervision and examination of undergraduate students
  • experience of supervision and examination at doctoral level
  • pedagogic vision
  • ability and capacity to integrate research and a scientific approach in teaching

Furthermore, the assessment will consider the applicant’s skills and experience in:

  • managing and developing academic units and staff
  • interacting with relevant stakeholders and society
  • dissemination of information on research and development projects

Equal attention shall be given to the assessment of scientific skills, as to pedagogic skills, as well as to other skills.

The candidate who after an overall assessment of skills and qualifications, is considered most suitable to carry out and develop the work and contribute to a positive development of the activities within the field will be suggested for the appointment.

Application deadline:


Place of work:

Uppsala, Sweden



Form of employment:


Starting date:

By agreement


It is desirable that the application is written in English, because the applications will be evaluated by expert advisers both in Sweden and abroad.

"Appointment procedures for teachers at SLU" and “General assessment criteria for the appointment of teachers" can be found here .

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