Postdoctoral studies in Stem Cell Metabolism (scholarship)

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The research team
A postdoctoral scholarship is available in the lab of Pekka Katajisto at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Karolinska Institutet. The Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) is a department with a strong focus on basic science. CMB conducts research and education in cell biology, molecular biology, developmental biology, stem cell biology, cancer and infection biology. CMB is located in Biomedicum, a new interdisciplinary research center designed to concentrate much of the experimental research conducted at Karolinska Institutet Campus Solna under one roof to promote collaboration. Biomedicum houses approximately 1,200 researchers and other personnel and allows expensive equipment to be shared and utilized more effectively.

The scholarship will be placed at the laboratory of Pekka Katajisto ( where we study stem cell intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms of tissue renewal and aging. We have recently received funding for five years from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation in addition to ERC funding to study the metabolic control of stem cell fate decisions. We are also part of the Centre of Excellence in Stem Cell Metabolism with part of our group located at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

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Twitter: @KatajistoLab @PekkaKatajisto

Facebook: @katajistoagingteam


We have previously discovered how cellular metabolism drives cell fate decisions after asymmetric cell divisions (Katajisto, Science 2015; Döhla, Nat Cell Biol 2022) and that age-induced alterations in the stem cell niche reduce tissue repair (Pentinmikko, Nature 2019; Science Advances 2022). One of our aims is to understand the influence of metabolism on stem cell fate decisions, regeneration and aging in tissues including intestine, skeletal muscle and skin.

The postdoctoral fellow will perform studies on the role of metabolism and organelles in controlling stem cell fate decisions in tissue stem cells using unique mouse models, organoid culture, organelle-labeling and imaging techniques combined with scRNA-sequencing, metabolomics and epigenetics. With the support of a highly interactive multinational and multidisciplinary team, the fellow is expected to develop their own project with new research questions and using approaches/tools that will later support the launch of an independent career.

Entry requirements

We are seeking an ambitious fellow with a PhD and strong backgroundin one or more of the following fields:

  • Primary stem cell systems.
  • Metabolism
  • FACS
  • Transcriptomics /epigenetics.
  • Experience with imaging and imaging analysis, metabolomics and/or mouse work are considered a benefit.

Candidates are also encouraged to start new projects and research directions. Applicants must be able to perform as part of a team as well as independently, have good social skills and communication skills in English.

Scholarships for postdoctoral qualification can be established for foreign researchers who place their qualifications in Sweden. The purpose of scholarships for postdoctoral qualification is to promote internationalization and contribute to research qualification after a doctorate or equivalent.
A scholarship for carrying out postdoctoral research can be granted for a maximum of two years within a four year period following the receipt of a doctoral degree or equivalent.
To be eligible for a postdoctoral scholarship, the person must have obtained a doctorate or a foreign degree deemed to be equivalent to a doctorate. Applicants who have not completed a doctorate at the end of the application period may also apply, provided that all requirements for a completed degree are met before the (intended) start date of the post doctoral education.

The head of the department determines whether their previous training and scholarly qualifications correspond to a Swedish doctorate or higher.

Location: Stockholm

Type of scholarship

The amount is tax free and it is set for twelve months at a time, paid out on a six months basis. In exceptional cases, shorter periods may be acceptable.

Application process

An application must contain the following documents in English or Swedish:

  • A complete curriculum vitae, including date of the thesis defence, title of the thesis, previous academic positions, academic title, current position, academic distinctions, and committee work
  • A complete list of publications
  • A summary of current work (no more than one page)

The application is to be submitted on the Varbi recruitment system.

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