Postdoctoral position in accelerator-based compact X-ray source

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Deadline: 20 Mar 2023

Published: 2023-03-03

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Description of the project
Femtosecond flashes of X-ray radiation allow exploring materials on the level of moving atoms and electrons thus facilitating the discovery and understanding of new materials. The FREIA laboratory is currently working on the design of a femtosecond X-ray source based on superconducting accelerator technology – the Ånsgtröm Laser source. The operation principle is based on inverse Compton scattering of IR laser pulses on counterpropagating MeV electron beams. The energy of the scattered photons lies in the X-ray spectral region. With recent progress of commercial lasers in the production of fs sub-J pulses, the production of fs X-ray pulses through the inverse Compton effect is of great interest for university laboratories and for Uppsala University, in particular.

To provide high brilliance of X-ray radiation from the Ångström Laser, a very advanced accelerator design and a Compton interaction scheme are needed. The objective of the postdoc project is twofold:

  • To design a compact, high repetition rate Compton source using MeV-scale electron bunches and an optical undulator. The successful applicant will study different configurations of inverse Compton scattering with the aim of devising a scheme proving the highest possible source brilliance considering new accelerator and laser technologies.
  • To contribute to quantum optics research and education at FREIA, and investigate quantum effects in the Ångström Laser.

The successful applicant will work in a team of dedicated scientists having experience in FEL and laser physics, beam dynamics, superconducting magnet and RF technologies, and FEL experiments.

Description of work within the postdoc project:

  • Critically compare already proposed schemes for Compton sources
  • Identify one or two most promising schemes that can realistically be implemented in practice on the timescale of a few years
  • Perform a conceptual design of the electron-laser interaction region
  • Perform start-to-end simulations of the beam dynamics and radiation in the Compton source
  • Investigate the impact of quantum effect
  • Identify the conditions of fully coherent lasing or lasing in the SASE regime

PhD degree in physics or a related area or a foreign degree equivalent to a PhD degree in physics. The degree needs to be obtained by the time of the decision of employment. Those who have obtained a PhD degree three years prior to the application deadline are primarily considered for the employment. The starting point of the three-year frame period is the application deadline. Due to special circumstances, the degree may have been obtained earlier. The three-year period can be extended due to circumstances such as sick leave, parental leave, duties in labour unions, etc.

  • Deep understanding of wave optics and optical beams in particular
  • Solid knowledge of basic laser physics
  • Solid knowledge of beam physics
  • Experience with multiparticle simulations
  • Strong publication record confirming the qualifications needed for the project
  • Skilled in high-quality academic writing
  • Capable to express yourself in a clear, structured and to the point manner
  • Capable of preparing clear and concise summaries of ongoing work
  • Capable of keeping the work progress well documented, searchable and understandable by other group members

Additional qualifications

  • Deep understanding of FEL principles and Compton light sources
  • Solid knowledge of quantum optics
  • Experience with the simulation codes Genesis, Symplex, GPT and Astra
  • Experience with electron and photon beam diagnostic
  • Previous experience with the design of Compton sources

About the employment
The employment is a temporary position of two years according to central collective agreement. Scope of employment 100 %. Starting date as agreed. Placement: Uppsala.

For further information about the position, please contact: 

Vitaliy Goryashko, 018-471 3595,

Hermann Dürr, 0704250176,

Please submit your application by 20 mars 2023, UFV-PA 2023/797.

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Placement: Department of Physics and Astronomy

Type of employment: Full time , Temporary position

Pay: Fixed salary

Number of positions: 1

Working hours: 100%

Town: Uppsala

County: Uppsala län

Country: Sweden

Union representative: Seko Universitetsklubben

Number of reference: UFV-PA 2023/797

Last application date: 2023-03-20

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