Postdoc in Entrepreneurship: Teaching Methods in Entrepreneurial Education

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 28 Apr 2023

The Entrepreneurship Foundation in Lund announces a three-year postdoc stipend for Entrepreneurship studies at the Department of Business Administration, Lund University School of Economics and Management. 

The candidate will work and contribute within the research area "Entrepreneurial Education and Learning”, coordinated by Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship (SKJCE), Department of Business Administration, Lund University. 

The postdoc project aims to contribute to developing theoretical and empirical knowledge about teaching effectiveness contingent on pedagogical approaches and teaching methods. Empirically, the project focuses on the application of teaching methods in the entrepreneurial classroom exploring what happens when they are applied and how they influence learning processes and the development of entrepreneurial competencies. It will be up to the individual candidate to give form and content to the research project based on theoretical and empirical interests. The research project is connected to ongoing research at SKJCE, and the post-doctoral fellow will be embedded in international networks of researchers that study the teaching and learning of entrepreneurship. 

We seek a candidate interested in developing this line of research with a deep interest and specialization in Teaching Methods in Entrepreneurial Education. The position is open to candidates who prefer qualitative as well as quantitative and mixed-methods research. 

Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship (SKJCE) is an active and internationally recognized high-class entrepreneurship education and research arena. SKJCE conducts research in areas such as entrepreneurial learning and education, academic entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship ownership and finance, social entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurship industry, and immigrant entrepreneurship. 


This is a career development position primarily focused on research. Teaching may also be included, but up to no more than 20% of working hours. The position is intended as an initial step in a career, and the assessment of the applicants will primarily be based on their research qualifications and potential as researchers. Particular emphasis will be placed on research skills within the subject area, considering both theoretical and empirical knowledge as well as methodological competencies. The main assessment criteria are as follows: 

  • A completed PhD within the subject of the position or a related topic completed no more than three years before the last application date. Under particular circumstances, the doctoral degree can have been completed earlier
  • Proficiency in English (verbal and written)
  • Good ability to develop and conduct high-quality research
  • Convincing research plan within the subject area of the position
  • Demonstrated competence and interest in the research area Teaching Methods in Entrepreneurial Education
  • Documented experience in publishing entrepreneurship research in academic journals 

Consideration will also be given to good collaborative skills, drive and independence as well as how the applicant’s experience and skills complement and strengthen ongoing research within the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship. 


The researcher is funded through a full-time postdoc stipend for three years. The stipend includes SEK 350,000 per year and covers the cost of living (SEK 335,000) and insurance (SEK 15,000 SEK). The research fellow will be placed at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Department of Business Administration, Lund University.


The application should be written in English and it should include: 

  • A cover letter motivating the candidate’s interest in the position,
  • CV detailing the candidate’s education, teaching experience, and list of publications (with an *marking of the academic productions to be considered during the review),
  • Copy of the doctoral degree certificate, and other certificates/degrees that the candidate wishes to be considered,
  • Contact information of a least two references,
  • A research plan presenting the proposed topic to be investigated within the postdoc project including theoretical framing and methodology (max. 2,000 words),
  • Copies of up to five selected publications or working papers. 

The application should be submitted as a single pdf-file to no later than 28th of April, 2023

We welcome applicants with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We regard gender equality and diversity as strengths and assets.   

For further information about the stipend, contact Professor Diamanto Politis,

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