Post-Doctoral Scientist

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Location: Sweden,
Deadline: 15 Feb 2023

Post-doctoral Scientist – 2 Years
Scholarship 300 000 SEK (ca 30 000 USD/30 000 Euro) taxfree per annum

The purpose of this position will be

  • to work mainly with biostatistical/epidemiological research primarily as part of the EU-project INITIALISE, with the objective to elucidate how exposures and genome impact gut microbiome, host immune system and metabolism, and how the interplay of these factors impact life-course health, especially immune-mediated diseases, behavioural outcomes and metabolic outcomes.
  • beside INITIALISE to work based on ABIS with biostatistical/epidemiological research on the etiology of Type 1 diabetes and other immune-mediated diseases.
  • Thus the studies will mainly be based on ABIS (All Babies in Southeast Sweden; ( ), a birth cohort of 17 000 individuals born Oct 1st 1997-Oct 1st 1999, who have been followed with regular questionnaires and biological samples (a new follow-up is ongoing). Several national registers are connected such as the Swedish National Diagnosis register, the Drug prescription register.

    ABIS is founded and still leads by Johnny Ludvigsson, Senior Professor of Pediatrics, head of the research group. The ABIS study has so far resulted in >130 scientific publications, and 15 PhD Thesis more or less based on ABIS. The main areas have so far been studies on the development of Type 1 diabetes, but also studies on celiac disease, JIA, IBD, autism, obesity, allergy and recently also psoriasis.

    We seek a highly motivated and focused individual to join our research group. The applicant must have received a doctoral degree from an accredited college/university outside Sweden in the field of biomedical sciences or related areas. We welcome a creative, hardworking and enthusiastic team-player to our group. Biostatistical competence and experience in working with large databases is required. The candidate is expected to partake in design of the epidemiological studies, statistical work (SPSS but also other programs such R), presentations and preparation of publications. The ideal candidate has a strong publication record and is able to provide evidence of the ability to work both in an independent way and in a team.

    Successful applicants will be awarded a two-year Career Development Scholarship. The scholarship is a training and development position for a post-doctoral scientist who has completed their doctoral studies, and is moving into a new research group.
    Your salary will be supported by 30 days annual leave entitlement.

    Linköping with ca 150 000 inhabitants, less than 2 hours by car or train from Stockholm,  is an old town with a Castle since 12th century and a large Cathedral from the early 13th century,  in combination with modern high-tech industry and a large university. The landscape around is clean and beautiful.

    Applications are handled by Lisa Dobrosch . Please send your complete application including your CV, copy of your diplomas and copy of your passport to the email address above.

    Closing date: 15th of Feb 2022

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