Post-doctoral position in green polymer chemistry

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 21 May 2021

Subject description Polymer Technology at Lund University is an interdisciplinary subject including the chemistry and physics of polymers, as well as the processing and applications of polymer materials.

The post-doctoral position in polymer technology focused on green polymer chemistry is focused on the synthesis of new bio-based monomers and polymers using building blocks from renewable resources, as well as the characterization of the structure and properties of these materials. The main objective is to develop new synthesis strategies and new knowledge on how these bio-based polymers, for example polyesters, should be molecularly tailored to meet the requirements of various industrial applications in order to phase out plastics from fossil raw materials. The experimental work includes chemical synthesis and molecular characterization of monomers and polymers, preparation of new polymeric materials, and analysis of, for example, mechanical and thermal properties, as well as morphology and processability. The research is carried out in collaboration with companies and institutes within the framework of the National Mistra-funded research program “STEPS” ( ). Departmental work in the form of, e.g., maintenance of instruments and teaching at undergraduate courses will also be included in the employment.

Work duties The main duties involved in a post-doctoral posistion is to conduct research. Teaching may also be included, but up to no more than 20% of working hours. The position shall include the opportunity for three weeks of training in higher education teaching and learning. Work duties comprise:

  • Research within the project,
  • Collaboration with academic partners,
  • Supervision of degree projects and doctoral students,
  • Limited administration related to the work duties listed above,
  • Limited responsibility for running some of the instruments of the group.

Qualification requirements Appointment to a post-doctoral position requires that the applicant has a PhD, or an international degree deemed equivalent to a PhD, within the subject of the position, completed no more than three years before the last date for applications. Under special circumstances, the doctoral degree can have been completed earlier.

Additional requirements:

  • Ph.D. degree in chemistry with a specialization towards polymer chemistry or similar.
  • Very good oral and written proficiency in English.

Assessment criteria and other qualifications This is a career development position primarily focused on research. The position is intended as an initial step in a career, and the assessment of the applicants will primarily be based on their research qualifications and potential as researchers. Particular emphasis will be placed on research skills within the subject.

For appointments to a post-doctoral position, the following shall form the assessment criteria:

  • A good ability to develop and conduct high quality research.
  • Teaching skills.

Additional assessment criteria:

  • Skills and previous experience with the synthesis of monomers and polymers
  • Experience in practically preparing and characterizing complex polymer structures, especially condensation polymerization of polyesters.

Consideration will also be given to good collaborative skills, drive and independence, and how the applicant’s experience and skills complement and strengthen ongoing research within the research group, and how they stand to contribute to its future development.

Terms of employment This is a full-time, fixed-term employment of a maximum of 2 years. The period of employment is determined in accordance with the agreement “Avtal om tidsbegränsad anställning som postdoktor” (“Agreement on fixed-term employment as a post-doctoral fellow”) between Lund University, SACO-S, OFR/S and SEKO, dated 4 September 2008.

Instructions on how to apply Applications shall be written in English. Please draw up the application in accordance with LTH’s Academic qualifications portfolio – see link below. Include two signed recommendation letters. Upload the application as PDF-files in the recruitment system. Read more:

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