First Research Assistant

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: 04 Nov 2021

We are looking for a first research assistant to the Department of clinical microbiology who will be working in the group of Marta Bally. You will support the research activities of the group in the context of studying virus-membrane interactions Specifically, you will contribute with expertise in single particle tracking on live cells and on cell surface mimics and assist a number of research projects with data and image analysis. You will both develop new analysis procedures and analyze data provided to you.

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The project

Carbohydrates, in particular sialic acid and glycosaminoglycans play a key role in mediating the initial recruitment and accumulation of viruses at the cell surface. Virus-membrane interactions need to be tightly modulated and regulated to ensure an optimal attachment and diffusion of the virus at the cell surface, towards efficient entry. The aim of this project is to gain fundamental understanding on how the characteristics of different types of carbohydrates at the cell surface contribute to modulating the initial interaction of a number of viral pathogens.

Description of tasks:

  • You will analyse data, summarize and interpret results, and put these in a scientific context.
  • You will develop new data and image analysis procedures required for the execution of the project
  • You will help planning future experiments.
  • You are engaged in drafting and submission of manuscripts.
  • You will act in agreement with the university’s policy for equal opportunities and data protection.


  •  A PhD in biophysics
  • Extensive Postdoc experience, including in the field of virology
  •  Programing skills in Matlab
  • Extensive experience with image analysisn using e.g. Fiji
  • Extensive experience with the analysis of single particle tracking data.

The successful candidate should also have documented experience with:

  • Practical experience with fluorescence microscopy, including the acquisition of single particle tracking data.
  • Practical experience with AFM-based force spectroscopy
  • Outstanding communication skills in English both in oral and written form
  • Documented supervision of undergraduate students
  • Capability of working in an interdisciplinary research environment
  • An outstanding understanding of the potential and principle of biophysical assays to study virus-membrane interactions, including those using cell-membrane mimicsPraktisk erfarenhet av fluorescensmikroskopi, inklusive single particle tracking.

The application must contain

  • A personal letter that illustrates qualifications and motivation
  • CV
  • Copy of PhD certificate
  • Contacts to 2-3 references
  • Documents that are sent electronically must be in word of pdf format.

    The application must be made electronically, last day to apply is 4 November-2021.

  • Other information

    50% position, 6 months, start after agreement

    For questions, contact; Marta Bally. E-mail

    We welcome your application!

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