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The communicator-in-residence is part of the Mistra Environmental Communication research programme, and offers an established environmental communication practitioner the opportunity to take time off their ordinary work and instead reflect on their professional careers and insights, learn in dialogue with latest research, and engage in knowledge exchange between professionals and researchers in the broad field of environmental communication. Practically, the communicator-in-residence will be employed at SLU, gets a grant, access to SLU facilities, direct and ongoing contact with a local SLU-host and researchers, which are part of the Mistra Environmental Communication programme Mistra Environmental Communication | Externwebben ( , including but not limited to the Division of Environmental Communication at SLU (Uppsala) and the Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD) at Uppsala University.

We hope this opportunity will enable the selected communicator to examine, among others, how they navigate the tensions inherent in the different views on environmental communication as shared meaning-making or as instrument for change, and that the selected communicator-in-residence brings some of their insights back into professional practice and their workplace. Conversely, the Mistra Environmental Communication programme hopes that the professional experience and insights of the communicator-in-residence can further how the programme understands professional communication practice in instrumental, constitutive, and especially post-instrumental ways.

The communicator-in-residence is expected to be present on site at SLU Ultuna most days during five to eight weeks in autumn 2023, most ideally in October and November 2023.

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The communicator-in-residence is expected to:

  • develop and conduct a professional development project involving intellectual engagement that seeks to include both research perspectives and their working experience
  • actively seek out conversations with researchers in the Mistra Environmental Communication programme to exchange perspectives on environmental communication practice
  • participate in shared activities of Mistra Environmental Communication and bringing their professional communication expertise and experience in (e.g. at the programme days or Environmental Communication days)
  • share their knowledge and insights with Environmental Communication students in one or two sessions
  • share their reflections and insights from their stay to other researchers in the Mistra Environmental Communication programme in an informal presentation
  • (if applicable) share their reflections and insights with their ordinary colleagues, for example in a workshop at SLU or their ordinary workplace
  • write about their experiences and insights during their residency in a blog post
  • create or prepare one communication artefact or situation of their choice that they think would enhance the Mistra Environmental Communication programme

While we can provide advice, orientation and some practical support, the applicant themselves must organise transportation and accommodation for the duration of the residency.


The applicant needs to:

  • consider themselves an environmental communication practitioner
  • understand and sympathise with the tenets outlined in the programme proposal About Mistra Environmental Communication | Externwebben (
  • have at least three years of work experience as an environmental communication practitioner
  • be interested in reflecting on their own work, assumptions, and professional practice, as well as in reading, thinking, and learning

Apart from this, we welcome applications of environmental communication practitioners of any field or academic background, including but not limited to existing partners of Mistra Environmental Communication. Applications will be evaluated concerning their relevance and contribution to the Mistra Environmental Communication research program, practical feasibility of their project, and individual motivation.

Place of work:


Forms for employment:

Fixed term employment c:a 2 months or upon agreement



Starting date:

1 October to 30 November 2023 or upon agreement


Applications are to be submitted via the button below by 23-06-12, containing a short CV and a 2 page motivation letter outlining their interest in the communicator-in-residency programme and the professional puzzles and musings that they would like to engage with during their stay.

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