Assistant professor in social epidemiology

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At the Department of Public Health Sciences we conduct research, teaching and applied work based on public health science and epidemiology. The research is aimed at analysing health determinants on the population level, and developing and evaluating preventative structural and individualised measures, including legislation and guidelines. The field also includes health economics, health systems research and implementation research. Our activities have a strongly international flavour, and the Department's researchers are scientific advisers to authorities and other decision-makers on the regional, national and international level. The Department is divided into research groups operating within the fields of global health, public health epidemiology and social medicine with a total of 150 employees. In addition, we have around 65 doctoral students. This position is located in the Equity and Health Policy research group.

We are seeking to appoint an Assistant professor in the Equity and Health Policy research group, with a strong expertise especially in psychiatric, social, and life-course epidemiology. Research is carried out in multi-disciplinary, international cooperation projects. Working tasks will include developing and leading a unique research project designed to longitudinally examine the associations between childhood adversity and later life morbidity and negative social outcomes. In addition, the candidate will contribute and play an active role in other ongoing research projects carried out by the research group. Teaching at first- and second-cycle level at KI are also among the working tasks. In addition, the successful candidate is expected to provide methodologic expertise on study design, data management, and analyses for projects led by faculty and fellows in the research group. The candidate will also be engaged in writing applications for funding and coordination of national and international calls.

Entry requirements
A person is eligible to be appointed Assistant professor if he or she has been awarded a Degree of Doctor or has achieved the corresponding scientific competence. The persons appointed should primarily be ones who have been granted a Degree of Doctor or have reached the corresponding competence no more than seven years before the end of the application period.

We are looking for an experienced researcher who holds a PhD and has broad skills in public health and/or epidemiology research. The successful candidate should have a research background in psychiatric, social and life-course epidemiology, with focus on child/adolescent health, and health inequalities research. The candidate should have a track record of externally funded research, with peer reviewed publications in high impact journals. It is preferable if the applicant have teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the field of data management. It is also desirable that the candidate has strong statistical skills, preferably a BS or MS in Statistics, with in-depth knowledge of SAS and Stata programming language. Furthermore, it will be to your advantage if you have worked at a multidisciplinary institution active in the field of public health and epidemiology research and located outside of Sweden and have therefore built up an international network. The successful candidate must have experience designing statistical analysis plans and methodological strategies for prospective and retrospective studies, preferably using large register databases and survey data. It is highly desirable that the candidate has experience of easily applying new statistical methods.

The position requires very good knowledge of written and spoken English and Swedish.

Bases of assessment
We stress scientific expertise when assessing applicants.

Application process
An application must contain the following documents in English or Swedish: Curriculum vitae, qualifications and description of planned research, presented in accordance with Karolinska Institutet’s qualifications portfolio ( ). 

The application is to be submitted through the MyNetwork recruitment system.

An Assistant professor position is a fixed-term position. The first employment should be two years, with a possible extension of two years after evaluation.

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