Post-doctora fellow (M/F): Functionalisation of polymers with mechanofluorochromic compounds

Updated: 4 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 28 Jan 2022

- Organic synthesis of mechanofluorochromic compounds
- Preparation of polymer samples incorporating these mechanofluorochromic compounds, either by non-covalent doping or by covalent incorporation into the polymer chains using different shaping techniques (spin coating, doctor blade...)
- Study of the photophysical properties of the polymer samples obtained
- Study of their fluorescence response to a controlled mechanical stimulation

In the framework of the ERC project MECHANO-FLUO, we are interested in the incorporation of mechanofluorochromic compounds (compounds whose fluorescence emission is sensitive to the application of a mechanical force) into polymers. Indeed, we have developed several series of mechanofluorochromic molecules in the laboratory: in order to move towards mechanical force sensors based on these molecules, we now wish to incorporate these molecules into polymers, either by non-covalent doping or by covalent modification of the polymer chains, and to measure the response of these polymer samples to different mechanical stresses. The post-doctoral fellow will be responsible for the synthesis of several series of molecules that can be incorporated into polymers, the preparation of the corresponding polymer samples and the study of their photophysical properties (UV-Vis, fluorescence). In order to go towards the quantification of their mechanofluorochromic response, the post-doctoral fellow will study the fluorescence response of these samples to controlled mechanical stimulations carried out on dedicated setups.

The post-doctoral fellow will work in the PPSM laboratory, within the new campus of ENS Paris-Saclay. The PPSM is a laboratory that focuses on molecules and materials that can be stimulated by light or electrons and that brings together expertise ranging from the synthesis of new compounds to the development of innovative instrumentation to study their photophysical properties. In particular, the post-doctoral fellow will work within the Mechano-fluo team (ERC funding), whose objective is the development of mechanofluorochromic molecules and materials in order to move towards mechanical force sensors using fluorescence. This part of the Mechano-fluo project is developed in close collaboration with the Laboratoire de Mécaniques des Solides (CNRS/Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France) with which the post-doctoral fellow will work.

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