two Non-Doctoral Research Collaborator positions (# of pos: 2)

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 26 Nov 2022

- Selection of cases that can be included in research projects with point specific attention to selectable cases.

- Case management for patients who have been included in both clinical trials (currently AL003/Together, ALZ2002/Autonomy, AL002/Invoke, WN42171/Postgraduate, WN29722/Graduation, 221AD304/Embark, BAN2401-G000- 301/Clarity AD, WN39658/Graduate, GN40040/ Lauriet; incorporation of new trials in the future) and in own research projects (currently ASIA Analysis of the Initial Semiology of Alzheimer's disease, code 2021-454-1, and others). 

- Obtaining specific clinical and paraclinical data according to protocols.

- Query resolution.

- Attention to the requirements derived from clinical research: face-to-face and telematic meetings and email management.

- Practice of medical techniques such as medical and neurological examination and lumbar puncture.

- Analysis of data.

- Preparation of articles and scientific communications; publication management.

- Coordination with other internal and external investigators.

- Adquisition and dissemination of specific formative job-relates abilities.

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