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Job Type: PartTime
Deadline: 27 Jun 2021

PLASTIC0PYR responds to the challenge of making tourism compatible with the conservation and improvement of mountain fluvial ecosystems. The general objective of the project is to reduce in a sustainable way the accumulation of plastics in the mountain ecosystems and their subsequent transport to the sea. The results obtained in natural areas located in the Pyrenees of Catalonia, Andorra and France will be: the development of tools to evaluate and disseminate the environmental impact of plastics on fluvial ecosystems; less production of plastic wastes and a better management; the involvement of citizens in the investigation of plastics pollution and in the co-creation of self-sustainable use and substitution models. The main beneficiaries are mountain ecosystems by reducing pollution by plastics and its inhabitants, by having a strategy for the reduction of single use plastic compatible with local economic development. The present project will offer unique protocols to be shared in the three countries which represent a reduction of the cost in the development of management strategies. This entails a greater interaction between the parties that share objectives and therefore maximizes the positive synergies between the different stakeholders. It also entails the improvement of the ecological quality of rivers with subsequent reduction of local and downstream depollution costs; landscape improvement with territories endowed with protection regulations and therefore attractivity enhancement of the area. The originality and novelty of the project lie in the development of a strategy that involves citizens, research centres, specialized companies and local agents in research, dissemination of the environmental issues and co-creation of circular economy business models that did not exist before.

For all of that, the person to hire will be responsible of:

-Characterization of the plastic waste samples of the project

-Life cycle assessment test


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Estrategias para la reducción de la contaminación por plásticos y la mejora de la

calidad ecológica y servicios medioambientales de los ríos de montaña.


Dra. Mònica Martinez López


Ciència de Materials i Química Fisica

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Dra. Mònica Martinez

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Temporary part time technician - PLASTICOPYR

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