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Deadline: 31 Jan 2021

The candidate will incorporate to the research group “Marine Biodiversity Conservation Group MedRecover” (www.medrecover.org ) at the University of Barcelona supervised by Dr Bernat Hereu, associated professor at the Department of Evolutionary biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences. The main goal of MedRecover research group is to contribute to the conservation of marine benthic communities in the Mediterranean through innovative and original approaches. The MedRecover group is focused on the study of emblematic rocky benthic communities thriving between 0 and 300 m depth such as the fish community, macroalgals beds, coralligenous banks and deep cold coral assemblages. The members of the group belong to five institutions: two universities; the University of Barcelona (UB) and the University of Girona (UdG), two CSIC research centres, the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM) and the Centre for Advanced Studies in Blanes (CEAB) and a centre from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO). The group recognised by the Catalan Government (2017 SGR 1521) is supervised by Dr. Joaquim Garrabou from the Institut of Marine Science in Barcelona (ICM-CSIC) and Dr. Bernat Hereu from the University of Barcelona.

The aim of the MedRecover research group is to obtain further information on the consequences of global change in marine ecosystems. The group identifies and characterises impacts on marine biodiversity and the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas, and develops the capacity to foresee future changes and implement restoration measures in marine communities. To achieve these objectives, MedRecover has adopted a multidisciplinary approach to integrate different levels of biological organisation, from individuals to communities, as well as relevant time and space scales.

The post-doc will collaborate with the University of Barcelona and the University of Perpignan under the RESMED project (www.resmed.cat ). RESMED aims to improve the quality of ecosystems and their associated biodiversity through the design and implementation of conservation and management actions that include all essential habitats that use diverse fish species of commercial interest with different life cycles, and at a cross-border regional scale, including the participation of all stakeholders of the region. For this, RESMED will perform a diagnosis of the conservation status of different commercial species with contrasted life cycles, will study the movement and use of the different key habitats they use throughout their life history during the feeding, reproduction and recruitment and nursery phases, as well as the habitats that they use as ecological corridors. For this, we will use acoustic telemetry techniques, visuals census, long-term data analysis of fisheries catches and citizen science. This information will be useful to design effective management measures integrating spatial regulations and fisheries measures at a regional transboundary level. An improvement in management efficiency will allow a better use of resources, as well as an improvement in the uses and the diverse ecosystem services provided by the Mediterranean coast.

Tasks: The contracted person will participate in the fieldwork for the acoustic telemetry and fish visual census studies. Moreover, the candidate is expected to participate in analysing data and writing scientific reports and articles to be submitted in scientific journals.

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Red de reservas marinas y gestión integrada de las zonas costeras transfronterizas Mediterráneas.


Dr Bernat Hereu


Departament de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals

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Temporary full time researcher – RESMED

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