Support for the research work of the e-PLASCOM group in the development of the Innotec project "...

Updated: about 1 month ago
Job Type: PartTime
Deadline: 24 May 2022


Exercising the technical responsibility of selecting materials and suppliers, as well as characterizing, both at the microstructural, thermal, mechanical, and fracture level the coatings and their adhesion to the metal supports provided in the project.


  • Selection of materials for metal coating and corrosion protection.
  • Search for companies to make the appropriate coatings.
  • Preparation of test specimens for mechanical tests.
  • Impact tests different “metal-coating” combinations.
  • Peeling tests of the different “metal-coating” combinations.
  • Bending tests of the different “metal-coating” combinations.
  • Analysis of results and writing of reports.
  • Attendance at meetings with project partners (company and other research groups).

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