Researcher position in Communication Networks Division -Mobile networks department-

Updated: 6 months ago
Deadline: 28 Jul 2019

The Communication Networks Division of the CTTC is searching for interested candidates in a researcher/research assistant position in its Mobile Networks Department.

We are looking for a researcher interested in and capable of designing, modelling and developing simulation tools for 5G networks. Therefore, the ideal candidate should demonstrate background in as many as possible areas out of the following list: cellular mobile communication systems, LTE/NR, WiFi/WiGiG networks, V2X, mmWave, beam and interference management, and experience in implementation of scalable system level simulators. In particular, the candidate will be required to participate in the design, development and research of new 5G modules in the context of the ns-3 open source simulator. Therefore, previous experience and contribution, at developer level, to the ns-3 open source project is a plus.

Accordingly, the researcher has to be able to demonstrate very specific developer abilities: excellent programming skills in C/C++ and Python; knowledge of ns-3 module development and ns-3 event scheduling; knowledge of development toolchain waf; knowledge of ns-3 test environment; knowledge of Linux distributions and command line interface, including shell/bash scripting and system variables; demonstrated previous experience with debugging tools like gdb, DDD, etc. and Valgrind; in-depth knowledge of version control system Mercurial (and GitHub); and knowledge of pcap trace analysis and related tools for network protocol analysis (e.g., Wireshark, Tcpdump, etc.). Knowledge of Integrated development environments (IDE), e.g., Eclipse, Kdevelop, or NetBeans and having developed simulation execution automation tools is also a plus. Finally, background in the application of artificial intelligence techniques, NFV, and SDN in the above areas is also a plus.

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