Researcher in Computational Glycobiology

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 15 Jun 2022

Professor Carme Rovira is looking for a junior researcher to work in computational glycobiology. They will be applying state-of-art computational methods to model enzymatic reactions and glycan-protein interactions, developing new algorithms and applying them to the analysis of simulation data to aid drug discovery. The successful candidates will work on the prestigious ERC Synergy grant of Prof. Rovira, together with Prof. Gideon J. Davies (University of York) and Prof. Herman S. Overkleeft (University of Leiden).

The perspective researcher will have the opportunity to work on a very exciting project CARBOCENTRE, which aims at developing novel activity-based probes and competitive inhibitors for carbohydrate-active enzymes of interest in biomedicine and biotechnology. They will address complex enzyme reaction mechanisms and apply sophisticated computational methods and algorithms (ab initio molecular dynamics, quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics methodologies and enhanced sampling techniques). The aim is to utilize computational data to understand catalysis in carbohydrate-active enzymes (CAZymes) and contribute to the design of activity-based probes for disease-relevant CAZymes, diagnosis markers and selective drugs. The successful candidate will join the dynamic research group of Prof. Rovira within the Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry and the Department of Chemistry. They will work in a sophisticated HPC environment, will have access to systems and computational infrastructures, and will be involved in collaborations with experts in different areas.

The project is a collaboration of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Barcelona (Spain), the York Structural Biology Laboratory of the University of York (UK) and the Leiden Institute of Chemistry of the University of Leiden (the Netherlands).

The position is available from September 1st, 2022, and the successful applicant can join until the end of 2022. The contract will have a duration of one year. The position will be based at the Chemistry Department of the UB in Barcelona, Spain.

Key Duties

  • Conduct high-quality research
  • Collaborate with various research groups across Europe and elsewhere



FBG project number


Project title

Activity-Based Profiling of Glycoprocessing Enzymes for Human Health and a Sustainable Society


Carme Rovira


Department of Chemistry

Gross salary per year

We offer a competitive salary according to the living standards of Barcelona.

Required documents

1) Application letter including a summary of previous BSc and MSc research.

2) Full Curriculum Vitae.

3) Academic transcripts from all Undergraduate and MSc degrees available up to the application date.

4) One letter of recommendation (minimum) from a scholar that has/had professional relation with the applicant, such as previous research supervisors. The referee (not the applicant) should email the letter directly to before the deadline. Please include the name of the applicant in the subject of the e-mail (e.g. Reference letter for researcher applicant Sarah Smith).

Send your application to:



Carme Rovira

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ERC researcher application

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