Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: PartTime
Deadline: 04 Oct 2020

The position requires experience in the following areas:

-Biological samples handling,conservation and processing as well as recovery methods.

-Isolation and culture of primary cells and cell lines.

-Familiarity with methodologies for the isolation of genomic DNA (nuclear and mitochondrial) and proteins from joint tissues.

-Molecular Biology Techniques (qRT-PCR)

-Immunological techniques for the quantification of proteins (ELISA, Western Blot ...)

-Flow cytometry.

-Immunocytochemistry and immunofluorescence techniques.

-Techniques for the study of cellular metabolism.

-Management of bioinformatics tools for the analysis of the results of each of the previously exposed techniques (qBase +, ImageJ, BD Cell-Quest Pro, etc.)

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