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Job Type: PartTime
Deadline: 07 Apr 2022

Description of the Project

According to Recommendation Rec(2006)2 on the European Prison Rules, all persons deprived of their liberty shall be treated with respect for their human rights. Article 45 of the EU Parliament resolution (2015/2062(INI)) underlines “that any

specific programme targeted on a certain group of prisoners, such as those considered as 'radicalised', must respect the same human rights criteria and international obligations as apply to any other prisoners”. Moreover, art. 46 stresses that “inhumane detention conditions, ill-treatment and overcrowding can constitute factors that increase the risk of radicalisation”.

The 2 years SERENY project “Strengthening approaches for the prevention of youth radicalisation in prison and probation settings” of 7 inter-sectoral partners in 4 EUMS and Albania aims to promote the adoption of effective, evidence-based interventions related to the prevention of radicalisation processes among young inmates, respectful of their human rights as granted by International, EU and CoE laws and regulations.

As many EU reports highlight a huge lack of comparable data, figures and evaluations of effective radicalisation prevention policies and practices, the SERENY project addresses priority 2 b) of the call as it aims to contribute to the prevention and

decrease of radicalisation in European prisons by providing actionable knowledge on young adults (between the age of 18 and 29) inmates considered as vulnerable/at risk groups who could be or become radicalised and by assessing the effectiveness of existing radicalisation prevention programmes and practices. The planned research activities combined with properly designed awareness raising and best practice sharing actions will provide target groups with insight into the macro and meso level (national legislation and prison and probation administration and practices) and the micro level, i.e. the individual dimension involved in radicalisation processes, favouring linkages between research and practice.

Responsibilities, functions and tasks

The person who joins the work team will have to participate in the framework of the European project that will last until September/October 2023. He/she will have to develop tasks such as:

Support to the scientific research of the different Work packages of the project.

Assistance to management activities of the project.

Contribute to the elaboration of reports and documents for the presentation of results.

Support to communication and dissemination tasks and organization of events.

Translation / drafting of documents in English and Spanish

Preparation of the consortium meetings and assistance to them.



GA number


Project title

Strengthening approaches for the prevention of youth radicalisation in prison and probation settings


José Ignacio Rivera Beiras


Observatory of the Penal System and Human Rights (University of Barcelona)

Gross salary per year

7.000 – 8.000 approx.

How to apply

Required documents

1- Application letter 2- Curriculum vitae

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J.I. Rivera Beiras

email subject

Application to job position at SERENY project

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