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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 26 Aug 2022

A new I+D+i MICINN project starts at the University of Barcelona in January 2021 for 3 years. The grant is awarded to Dr Mel Slater, Director of the Event Lab ( . The Event Lab is an internationally known research lab in the field of virtual reality, and is also addresses interdisciplinary problems in psychology and neuroscience using virtual reality. Please see publications on . The project is concerned with research addressing the issue of fundamental safety of virtual reality and the investigation of specific issues such as presence, embodiment, agency and perspective taking in the context of such scenarios. Particular emphasis is placed on Agent Based Models and also on auditory processing.

We propose to contract postdoctoral researcher staff on this project. The postdoctoral researcher will be a computer scientist who will work on the preparation of the VR scenarios for the experiments and evaluation with participants. The person appointed. She or he will be responsible for the:

*Constructing the VR scenarios to meet the experimental needs.

*The completion of pilot studies and submission to the Ethics Committee

*Completion of research for and programming of experiment

*The compilation of the data for analysis.

*Research in the computer graphics of crowd rendering

*Research in constructing virtual characters with the likeness of particular people based only on a single photograph

*Deployment of virtual characters and crowds into virtual reality scenarios

The person will contribute to the ethics case and will be involved in the preparation of a Workshop and other dissemination activities. It will be a challenging research project for someone with an excellent background in virtual reality, computer graphics and interactive techniques.

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