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Updated: 11 months ago
Deadline: 24 Sep 2019

DROP-IT proposes a drop-on demand inkjet technology platform of novel lead-free metal halide perovskites (LFP) on flexible substrates, as the most promising route to revolutionize the fields of printed flexible photovoltaics and integrated optoelectronics/photonics.

The person selected as postdoc will be responsible of interacting with theoretical and experimental partners to select the most suitable LFP in terms of its capacity for being ink-jet printed and its performance for photovoltaics (solar cells) and optoelectronics (RGB LEDs, waveguides, lasing). The post doc will be responsible of formulating the inks and develop the suitable printed materials and devices for the demonstrators of Drop-It and He/She is expected to lead part of the project.

We expect a highly qualified and motivated individuals with experience in ink jet printing for applications in electronics and/or optoelectronics. A doctorate in semiconductor materials, microelectronics, electronic technology, photonics or electronic engineering will be an advantage. The candidate must have a strong interest and motivation in science in general, and in applied research and technology, must have a strong bias towards working in the lab, and must be able to take the lead and responsibility to develop a group in in-jet printing with new machines and new human resources.

The salary would be the standard one for post-doc fellowships at UB and research centres of Barcelona area, but can be negotiated depending on experience and skills of the candidate. The position offers all the benefits of the Spanish National Social Security System, including leaves, health, unemployment and retirement insurances.



FBG project number


Project title

Drop-on demand flexible optoelectronics & photovoltaics by means of lead-free halide perovskites


Blas Garrido


Enginyeria Electrònica i Biomèdica

Gross salary per year

25.000-35.000 €

Required documents

Application letter and Curriculum Vitae

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Blas Garrido

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Post-doc application

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