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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 08 Mar 2021

The Department of Earth and Ocean Dynamics from the University of Barcelona is seeking a highly motivated early carrier researcher in geosciences with proved experience in micropaleontological studies of planktonic foraminiferaassemblages and with experience in the application of different geochemical proxies on foraminifera test such as: Stable isotopes (O&C), trace elements (Mg/Ca) and radiogenic isotopes (Nd isotopes)

The successful applicant must have general experience of working in laboratory environments, including chemical protocols and needs to be trained in the recognition of planktonic foraminifera species to provide paleoenvironmental reconstructions. This position will involve mostly:

• Identification of foraminifera assemblages from the central Mediterranean Sea

• Application of cleaning protocols on foraminifera test for the measurement of Mg/Ca ratios and also stable isotopes

• Sediments preparation, Column chemistry procedures application for the separation of Nd, Sr and Pb isotopes.

• Writing of scientific papers

The work will be developed under the supervision of Dr. Isabel Cacho and Dr. Leopoldo Pena from the GRC Marine Geosciences, Dept. Earth and Ocean Dynamics, Faculty of Earth Sciences (University of Barcelona).

The successful applicant will work as a member of a team.



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Testing the role of Mediterranean thermo-haline circulation as a sensor of transient climate events and shaker of North Atlantic Circulation


Isabel Cacho


Dinàmica de la Terra I de l’Oceà

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Research Assistance post

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