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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 15 Jun 2021

Are you an experienced researcher and interested in developing your professional career in applied research? Join Breaz Medical SL and participate in the TecniospringINDUSTRY call 2021 to obtain 2 years financial support and benefit from top training in technology transfer.

Project Description

The project aims to build on the existing prototype technology developed at the company. In the research we will seek to design, incorporate, test and analyze new sensor technology into our devices. The technology we are developing is based on the breathing patterns and exhaled breath analysis and has multiple disease targets, with one of our principal targets being chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Some of the key tasks of the research on the project include:

  • Selection and incorporation of electronic sensor technology into working prototypes and lab testing.
  • Design and testing of flow sensor technology.
  • Filtering, processing and analysis of raw signal data.
  • Design of calibration system and testing of our technology.
  • Analysis of collected data and calculation of clinical metrics such as specificity and sensitivity.
  • Optimize electronic processing system and automatic event detection system.
  • Create external communication system and cloud storage interface.
  • Construction and development of machine learning algorithms for data analysis.

The expected results include:

- Production of a new sensor design interface.

- Signal processing protocol defined.

- Development of calibration system.

- A calibrated functional prototype ready for testing in humans.

- A connectivity system between hardware device and the cloud.

- Machine learning algorithm for data analysis.

Who are we:

BREAZ Medical SL is an early-stage (founded 2020) and fast-evolving medical device start-up company with a clear mission: to detect breathing diseases early.

Our project started inside a hospital in Barcelona and we are focused on the development of novel medical devices with a strong focus on user-centric design. The startup is led by experienced researchers in physics, engineering and biology and we are collaborating with clinical partners and mentors to test our technology in real-life settings. We create new technologies combining physical sensor with the power of machine learning to provide easy to interpret results for quick disease diagnosis.

We are based in Barcelona and are working with a prototyping centre in Berlin, Germany to advance our ideas into working prototype concepts. If you are interested in working in an interdisciplinary, innovative and dynamic environment, please submit your CV including a letter of interest as well as two contacts for potential references.

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