Elucidating the mechanisms governing naturally-occurring radionuclides interaction in soils

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Deadline: 18 Oct 2020

This PhD project aims at quantifying solid-liquid distribution coefficient (Kd ) of NOR (i.e., U, Ra and Po) in soils, as well as their leachable fraction in soils from NORM sites, to elucidate the main soil properties governing their interaction and subsequent mobility in soils.

It is planned to perform laboratory studies, mostly sorption and desorption experiments (non-contaminated soils; batch and continuous-flow experiments), and leaching tests with soils originated from NORM-affected sites.

Samples will have contrasting properties and thus will be adequate for elucidating soil properties relevant for radionuclide sorption and desorption.

This work will part of a PhD research project to be developed within the “Analytical Chemistry and Environment” PhD program of the University of Barcelona. The chosen candidate will participate in an EU RADONORM funded program, and besides performing the experiments, should be able to present the results in project meetings, and to collaborate in the elaboration of related reports and deliverables.



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Towards effective radiation protection based on improved scientific evidence and

social considerations ‐ focus on radon and NORM


Miquel Vidal


Chemical Engineering and Analytical Chemistry

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