Ecological monitoring of snowed vegetation in the Pyrenees (FLORAPYR AVANCE)

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Job Type: PartTime
Deadline: 26 Apr 2021

Within the FLORAPYR AVANCE project, and its 4th Action (the title above), the job consists in.

  • Visiting three locations of snowed throughout the vegetation period in 2021, where to assess vegetation and environmental characteristics, following the established monitoring protocols.
  • Prepare sampling materials and datasets to correctly conduct monitoring
  • Elaborate the plant material and data obtained to produce the annual report due; analyse these results together with those of previous years, and prepare a comprehensive report referred to the three localities through the last years.
  • Coordinate these actions with other project beneficiaries, in charge of other snowed localities. This includes leadership in the experiences with open top chambers running in other localities.

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Contribuer à l’OPCC sur l’évolution et la conservation de la flore et des végétations, et développer la connaissance et la participation citoyenne (FLORAPYR AVANCE).


Dr Josep M. Ninot Sugrañes


Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals

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Dr Josep M. Ninot

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Temporary part time researcher - FLORAPYR AVANCE

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