Animal Technical Assistant Trainee

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 07 Dec 2022

The selected person will be trained in the position of animal house assistant technician.

The selected person will be in charge of the maintenance and care of experimental animals, the application of the 3Rs of good practices, their condition and their environmental

good practices, of their condition and of their environmental housing conditions by performing the following tasks:

▪ Supervision and review of the physical condition of the animals.

▪ Recording of environmental conditions: temperature and humidity of the cells, incidences of the animals' condition as well as

performance of environmental controls.

▪ Maintenance of equipment for animal housing: change of filters of racks, cabins, sanitary vacuums,

environmental control, etc...

▪ Support in the management of colonies and in the development of the service's own activities, such as order management and stock control, management of animal data, etc.

stocks, management of animal data (Fundanet), preparation of operating rooms, waste management...

Support in experimental and teaching projects of the platform.

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IIS La Fe has decided to publish a call for a job offer, by a competitive procedure, for an Animal Facility Technician to perform the tasks in the framework of the Project. Service/Unit/Accredited Group: Animal Facility Candidate requeriments: (All requeriments are necessary to apply): Degree in Ciclo Formativo de Grado Medio en Sanidad Training course in Laboratory Animal Science (functions b and c)

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