2022DILEUA88 UAB pre-doctoral fellow

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 19 Sep 2022

Job position

2022DILEUA88 UAB pre-doctoral fellow

Job position

UAB pre-doctoral fellow

This project will be focused in the development of new and innovative methodologies to detect and quantify NPLs in several matrixes, as well as, study their adsorption capacity towards inorganic and organic pollutants. The main objectives of the predoctoral research project to be developed by the selected candidate are as follows: 1) Development of methods to detect and characterize the size of these materials by Asymmetric-Flow Field Flow Fractionation (AF4). 2) Development of methodology by Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) to characterize the size and or nature of nanoplastics. 3) Development of staining methodologies for the detection of nanoplastics inside cells. 4) Studies on the absorption/desorption behavior of contaminants carried by nanoplastics.

Job position requirements (skills/languages/required experience)

a) An official Master degree in either Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Biochemistry or Nanotechnology/nanoscience.

b) A degree in either Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Biochemistry or Nanotechnology/nanoscience with an academic record higher of 7.5/10.

c) Good English communication. A minimum English level of C1 or equivalent.

d) Full availability to travel outside Spain and perform research stays during the project development.

Benefits: Annual salary: 16,971.64 €

Eligibility criteria CV

Academic record: 50

Experience: 20

Languages: 30

Selection process

A single phase of curricular evaluations and, if necessary, a second phase of interview

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