2022DILEUA123 Postdoc Researcher

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 03 Dec 2022

Job position:

Postdoc Researcher

Job position requirements:

The researcher will join the project "Metallothioneins (MTs) as biomarkers of the health status of patients with Menkes" with which it is hoped to determine whether metallothioneins can be used to establish the copper levels of patients with Menkes treated with an experimental drug, Cu-elesclomol (Cu-ES), in clinical centers of reference, such as the Hospital Sant Joan de Dèu in Barcelona, in order to establish the appropriate dosage of the drug and thus avoid its toxicity. The researcher will work with biological fluids from patients with Menkes disease who are being treated with Cu-ES, as well as with samples generated in our laboratory.

To this end the (1) revision of the existing bibliography, and (2) design of experiments to measure levels of (MTs) in human fluids (blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, etc...) using ELISA and similar tests will be required. Recombinant human MTs generated in the group and the corresponding commercial antibodies will be used, and it will be studied whether the antibodies work differently according to the metal load of the MTs.

Therefore the following skills and required experience are advisable:

- Ability to analyze bibliographic data and the results obtained in order to design new experiments,

- Data and results processing capabilities

- Experience in laboratory analytical measurements such as ELISA and similar techniques,

- Experience working with biological samples, metalloproteins and antibodies, and

- Good communication skills in both oral and written English

Finally, a strong involvement and commitment with the project is required.


6-month contract extendable for another 6 months (1 year in total), working 37.5 hours/week with a daily distribution to be agreed and adapted to experimental needs, for a salary of €23,866.48 gross per year (without considering business contribution)

Eligibility criteria (over 100 points):

Academic record (CV) – 50

- Degree completed

- Completed master's degree

- Doctorate defended

- Dissemination of scientific results in English: publications and attendance at conferences

Languages – 10

- communicative abilities in English (both oral and written) will be valued, regardless of the level of English that is accredited

Experience – 20

- laboratory analytical measurements such as ELISA and similar

- work with biological samples, metalloproteins and antibodies

- interpretation of the results

- data processing

- ability to analyze bibliographic data

- autonomy to design new experiments

- good communication skills in English, both oral and written

- a strong involvement in the project

Interview – 20

Selection process

A first phase of curricular evaluation and a second phase of interview.

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