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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 10 Oct 2022

We are looking for a highly motivated and talented scientist (postdoctoral researcher or with equivalent experience), with a solid experience in the management and conservation of ecological/biological/biodiversity metadata of large samples. The appointee will be responsible for building the Biodiversity Centre databases including the natural history collection database and THE multidisciplinary biodiversity database. The selected candidate will be specifically responsible for: • Creating and managing a database of multidisciplinary biodiversity datasets, genomic databases and the natural history collection dataset, including the biobank (with tissue and DNA). • Managing the data already available and ready to be transferred to the new Biodiversity Centre. • Coordination of databases to meet international standards and to be shared among the different international open-access platforms (GBIF, NCBI, DiSSCo, etc.) and other databases promoted by EBP and ERGA. • Data curation and maintenance of bioinformatics and other tools and databases (including genomic data) located on our local servers. • The candidate shall be encouraged to analyse these data based on their own research interests to produce publications, and work on methodology-related projects of the Centre.

----------- The Balearic Centre for Biodiversity, created as a scientific and technical support service for UIB research groups, research institutions, government managers, and the private sector, will generate knowledge on biodiversity, be responsible for the curation of reference collections and data, and enable the establishment of management tools and formulate strategies for the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The Balearic Centre for Biodiversity will be devoted to: 1) the generation, management and maintenance of reference natural history collections, 2) the implementation of the genomic laboratory; and 3) the generation, maintenance and management of geophysical, environmental, genetic and genomic metadata. The data stored in this centre provide detailed information about biodiversity on a regional scale and will make it accessible to the scientific, political, administrative, industrial, social and educational communities. Among the activities promoted at the centre, training in biosystematics for the scientific community will be reinforced (understood as the integrative discipline that studies the diversity of life, and citizen science activities). The establishment of synergies and strategic collaborations with agencies at regional, national and international levels will also be promoted. The selected candidates will be expected to contribute to the establishment and development of the centre as a reference in biodiversity studies, offering multidisciplinary services to the scientific community at regional and national levels and being a solid partner in international initiatives. Female candidates are especially encouraged to apply.

IP: María Capa Corrales

Project: SINCO2022/6717 (Programa de I+D+i en el marco del Plan Complementario en el rea de Biodiversidad. Comunidad Autónoma de las Illes Balears/Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación/Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia/Unión Europea, Next Generation EU)

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